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Team Envy receives a $20 million investment.

Team Envy has received a $20 million investment according to its filing with the SEC. According to the StreetInsider Webpage here, Team Envy has managed to raise another $20 million. This is the first big investment of 2019. With esports growing at a phenomenal pace, such investments are very common in today’s time and age.

Team Envy recently added Karrigan to their CS: GO roster. The player is well-known for helping develop strong teams from scratch. He has been responsible for the formation and the development of strong teams such as Astralis and Faze Clan. Ofcourse, he has not always had the best of luck on these teams.

Team Envy also owns the Overwatch league franchise Dallas Fuel. While the team was not the most successful in Season 1, they definitely had a huge fan base. With Season 3 of the Overwatch league fast approaching, franchise owners need to ensure they have a home venue to host home games.


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