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Remix Rumble: Convergence Clash

Remix Rumble

The Convergence is ablaze with the electrifying clash of bands at the wildest music festival—Remix Rumble! Take center stage, choose your Headliner, and assemble a powerhouse team of rockstars for an epic battle. Do you have what it takes to conquer the charts and reign supreme on the leaderboard?

Playing for Free in the Convergence

Enter the realm of Remix Rumble without spending a dime. The festival invites you to immerse yourself in the music, strategy, and fierce competition—all without breaking the bank.

Legendary Lineup of Rockstars

Mix and match musicians from renowned music groups like K/DA, True Damage, Pentakill, and the newest sensation, HEARTSTEEL. Alternatively, scout for fresh talent to diversify your playlist and create the ultimate musical synergy.

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Explore the rich diversity of the Legendary Lineup, where iconic figures from various music genres collide. Dive into the worlds of K/DA, True Damage, Pentakill, and the emerging HEARTSTEEL, and witness the magic of musical fusion.

Mechanics Remastered for Maximum Impact

Experience the game-changing updates to portals, augments, and leveling systems. Remix your strategy with every game, keeping your opponents guessing. A fan-favorite set mechanic takes center stage for an encore performance, adding a new layer of complexity and excitement.

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Delve into the revamped mechanics that will redefine your gameplay experience. Unleash the potential of portals, strategically wield augments, and master the leveling systems to stay ahead in the Remix Rumble competition.

Remix Rumble Pass Rewards: Unleash Your Style

Secure exclusive festival ‘fits for your champions, including Choncc, Ao Shin, Umbra, and Gloop. Dance the night away in brand-new Arenas inspired by the iconic aesthetics of K/DA, True Damage, or Pentakill music videos.

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Unlock the coveted rewards offered by the Remix Rumble Pass. Elevate your champions’ style with fresh festival attire and explore dynamic Arenas that mirror the vibrant essence of K/DA, True Damage, and Pentakill.

Introducing New Tacticians: Steal the Spotlight

Meet the fresh faces set to steal the spotlight as the newest tacticians in Remix Rumble. Strategize with these additions to your roster and discover the unique strengths they bring to the Convergence.

Chibi Headliners: Adorable Icons of Power

Experience the cuteness overload with Chibi versions of your favorite headliners. Whether it’s the fierce K/DA POP/STARS KAI’SA, the mighty HEARTSTEEL SETT, or the dynamic K/DA ALL OUT AKALI, these adorable icons bring a playful charm to your Remix Rumble journey.

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Explore the world of Chibi Headliners and embrace the adorable side of musical mayhem. Learn about the inspirations behind the designs and get ready to witness your favorite champions in a whole new light.

In the heart of the Convergence, Remix Rumble unfolds as the ultimate music festival where strategy, style, and skill collide. Dive into the musical battleground, craft your legendary lineup, and let the Remix Rumble begin! Will you rise to the top and claim your spot among the Convergence’s greatest tacticians? It’s time to find out.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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