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IMBATV leaks the third Dota 2 Minor information.

Event organiser IMBATV might have just leaked information on the Third DPC event for the current season. The event organiser is already hosting the upcoming Chongqing Major 2018. The Chongqing Major is one of the five Dota 2 Majors for the upcoming year.

IMBATV announced their tournament plans for the upcoming year. One of the events listed was an upcoming Minor. The Starladder IMBATV Invitational Season 6 is scheduled to take place from the 4th of March till the 10th. This event is listed as a Minor according to this image by the event organiser.

The tournament has a $300,000 prize pool and will feature eight teams competing in the event. If it is indeed a Minor, it will assume significance for Dota 2 teams. The winner of the Minor will receive a direct invite to the subsequent Major.

Nothing is official yet.

While this leak might be enough for a fact, there is no official data from Valve. They are yet to update their DPC page to categorize Starladder IMBATV Invitational Season 6 as a Dota 2 Minor. For now, we only have these minor leaks from the Chinese social media website, Weibo.

If this Minor were a reality, Starladder will be hosting three different DPC events for this season. Considering the reduction in the Number of DPC events to just ten, this is a significant boost for Starladder this year. They will also be hosting the final Minor of the Season [ June 10-16, Ukraine].

We will keep you informed with any news in the upcoming days. For now, the Bucharest Minor is currently live. You can catch all the action live on Twitch here.

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