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The Dark Secrets Unveiled

A much-anticipated update is on the horizon, and we couldn’t resist teasing some of its contents without giving away too much. We’ve gathered a selection of genuine patch notes, presented without context, to pique your curiosity while we add the finishing touches to the update.

Here’s your first clue: The upcoming Dota Update will be released on a date that rhymes with “Smaypril Twemmieth” and falls between April 19th and April 21st.

Alright, that was a bit advanced, so let’s start with some easier riddles to test your skills:

[UNIT] can now be controlled by the player who discovered it.
[HERO]: Always possesses 0 Intelligence, without exception.
[ITEM]: Now has an initial and maximum stock of 4 and takes 120 seconds to restock.
After this effect, the soul is forcibly returned to the body.
[HERO]: Base armor has been increased by 1.
[UNIT TYPE] gain 15 movement speed during the night.
Mana cost reduction effects now only apply to mana costs.
[ITEM]: Requires Echo Sabre (2500), Diadem (1000), and Recipe (1000). Total cost: 4500.
Any player can use a [NOUN] to [VERB] to the other one after channeling for 3 seconds.
Enjoy pondering these riddles as we prepare to unveil the full update soon!

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