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Revamping Turbo Mode: Speed with a Smile

For those of you fortunate enough to enjoy a Vin Diesel movie every two years (Sweden and others), you might wonder why everyone seems so angry despite the fast-paced action. Well, you raise an excellent point, and we appreciate your candid feedback. Going fast should never cause fury, and that’s why we’re introducing a set of changes to enhance the overall Turbo play experience as part of our More Fast, Less Furious initiative.

Here’s what’s in store:

Wisdom Rune experience amount increased by 100%
Lotus Pool lotus spawn interval decreased from 3 minutes to 90 seconds
Aghanim’s Shard initial availability time reduced from 9:45 to 7:30
Infused Raindrop initial availability time reduced from 3:30 to 1:30
Hero selection interface updated to show the number of players who have chosen a hero on each team
Random hero selections are no longer revealed to the enemy team
Players who pick a random hero no longer receive a free Mango and Faerie Fire
No more restrictions against selecting a random hero in the last 10 seconds of the picking phase
Phantom Assassin’s Manifold Paradox Arcana now counts Turbo wins for half credit
Pudge’s Feast of Abscession Arcana now counts Turbo wins against Rubick for half credit
With these changes, we aim to create a more enjoyable and exhilarating Turbo Mode where speed and fun go hand in hand. So buckle up and get ready for an even better Turbo gaming experience!

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