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Devin Vassell’s Lucrative Spurs Contract Extension


Devin Vassell’s Lucrative Spurs Contract Extension

In a significant development for the San Antonio Spurs, talented young player Devin Vassell has inked a substantial contract extension with the team. NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news that Vassell and the Spurs have come to terms on a five-year, $146 million contract extension. This lucrative deal underlines the Spurs’ commitment to building a formidable young core for the future.

Devin Vassell, originally drafted by the Spurs with the No. 11 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, has been steadily progressing in the league, and his recent contract extension reflects his growing importance to the team. During the last NBA season, Vassell showcased his skills by averaging an impressive 18.5 points and 3.6 assists per game, marking a significant step forward in his career.

The San Antonio Spurs are currently in the midst of a rebuilding phase, focusing on nurturing and retaining their young talents. With Victor Wembanyama, the French phenom, at the forefront of their plans, the franchise aims to solidify its foundation by securing their young stars. Devin Vassell’s extended contract represents a strategic move in this direction.

Among his draft class, Devin Vassell now joins the ranks of players who have earned substantial contracts, a testament to his potential and contributions to the Spurs. This exclusive group includes Anthony Edwards, Tyrese Haliburton, LaMelo Ball, Isaiah Stewart, and Desmond Bane.

Let’s break down the details of Devin Vassell’s salary under his new contract:

  • 2024-25: $32,589,286
  • 2025-26: $35,196,429
  • 2026-27: $37,803,571
  • 2027-28: $40,410,714

This substantial financial commitment by the Spurs reflects their belief in Vassell’s ability to be a cornerstone of the team’s future success.

Devin Vassell’s journey to the NBA began at Florida State University, and he has consistently elevated his game since entering the league. He experienced significant growth in his scoring, progressing from 5.5 points in his debut season to an impressive 18.5 points per game during the 2022-2023 season. Notably, he also improved his three-point shooting, ranking in the top 15 for catch-and-shoot threes in the league, according to Second Spectrum.

During the Spurs Media Day, Devin Vassell expressed his commitment to the team, stating, “I want to be a Spur for a long time.” This sentiment is a clear indication of his dedication to contributing to the Spurs’ future success.

Vassell’s role within the Spurs organization is set to be pivotal. His new contract provides him with the confidence to continue honing his skills, and he is already recognized as a versatile two-way player who complements Victor Wembanyama’s abilities on the court. Vassell’s dedication to improving his strength and overall game during the offseason underscores his commitment to becoming an even more influential player.

However, it’s worth noting that injuries can pose a challenge for the 23-year-old. An injury sidelined him in January, disrupting what had been an excellent season. Nonetheless, Devin Vassell remains a solid guard with the versatility to defend multiple positions. His ability to make an impact on the game without constantly needing the ball aligns perfectly with the Spurs’ style of basketball.

As Devin Vassell embarks on this new chapter of his career with the San Antonio Spurs, the future appears promising for both the player and the franchise. With his commitment, talent, and potential, Vassell is poised to play a crucial role in the team’s resurgence and growth, making him a key figure to watch in the coming NBA seasons.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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