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CP3’s Ejection Sparks #freeCP3 Movement

CP3's Ejection

NBA star Chris Paul faced an unexpected ejection in his return to the Phoenix Suns, leading to a social media storm. Mikal Bridges, a former Suns player, took to Twitter to express his support with the hashtag “#freeCP3 lol.” The incident occurred during a game against the Golden State Warriors, where the Suns emerged victorious. Bridges, coming off an impressive performance against the Atlanta Hawks, shared his opinion on Paul’s ejection. The game marked another chapter in the ongoing rivalry between Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster, adding drama to an already intense NBA season.

Key Points:

  1. CP3’s Unfortunate Ejection: Chris Paul’s return to the Phoenix Suns was marred by a controversial ejection by referee Scott Foster in the second quarter. The unexpected decision sparked reactions from various quarters, including NBA analysts, fans, and fellow players.
  2. Mikal Bridges’ Support: Former Suns player Mikal Bridges took to social media, specifically Twitter, to express his opinion on Chris Paul’s ejection. Bridges captioned his post with “#freeCP3 lol,” joining the chorus of voices questioning the referee’s decision.
  3. Social Media Buzz: The incident generated significant buzz on social media, with fans, analysts, and players sharing their thoughts on the ejection. The hashtag #freeCP3 gained traction as supporters rallied behind Chris Paul, emphasizing the perceived injustice of the call.
  4. Bridges’ Stellar Performance: Mikal Bridges’ post came after an outstanding performance in a game against the Atlanta Hawks, where he scored 45 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, and contributed four assists and two steals. The timing of Bridges’ post added context to his support for Chris Paul.
  5. Game Details: The game in question saw the Phoenix Suns facing the Golden State Warriors. Kevin Durant led the Suns with an impressive performance against his former team, contributing 32 points, eight rebounds, two assists, and two blocks. The Suns secured a victory over the struggling Warriors.
  6. Warriors’ Struggles: The Golden State Warriors continued to face challenges, losing seven of their last eight games and experiencing a disappointing start to the season. Klay Thompson led the Warriors in scoring during the game against the Suns, while Steph Curry faced challenges in shooting.
  7. Foster-Paul Rivalry: The rivalry between Chris Paul and referee Scott Foster took center stage once again. The Suns broke a 13-game losing streak in playoff games officiated by Foster in April. The recent ejection added a new chapter to their ongoing feud, with Paul’s frustration escalating during the game.
  8. Technical Foul Drama: Chris Paul’s ejection involved a heated exchange with Scott Foster, allegedly including a derogatory term. The incident resulted in a technical foul for Warriors coach Steve Kerr, further intensifying the drama on the court.
  9. Upcoming Games: The Golden State Warriors are set to face the San Antonio Spurs on November 24 at the Footprint Center. The return of Draymond Green, serving a five-game suspension, is anticipated in the following game against the Sacramento Kings at the Golden 1 Center.

In summary, Chris Paul’s ejection during his return to the Phoenix Suns stirred controversy and drew support from players like Mikal Bridges. The ongoing drama between Paul and referee Scott Foster adds intrigue to the NBA season, with social media amplifying the conversation around the incident.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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