FIFA WC 2022: Al Thawadi Eying Revolution in Middle East in Marquee Event

The Secretary-General of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), H E Hassan Al Thawadi was recently in Munich to participate in the Munich Security Conference (MSC). At the event, he spoke about Qatar’s vision to help bridge cultures and unite the Middle eastern countries while hosting the FIFA WC 2022. He further said that the event can be used as a tool for uniting people and nations and creating a legacy by making a positive change in the environment. The FIFA WC 2022 will start from November 21 to December 22, 2022.

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The event was also attended by several elite guests including CEO of the International Rescue Committee David Miliband, captain of Germany’s 2014 FIFA World Cup-winning team Philipp Lahm, Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation Lassina Zerbo, and Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Politics at Harvard’s John F Kennedy School of Government Nick Burns.

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Al Thawadi further said that the FIFA WC 2022 will help break stereotypes and also can be used as a vehicle for social progress and development in the country. Qatar is s country which has not welcomed European, Latin American and North American people to their countries. Moreover, the ban on homosexualism and the constant risk of terror in the country restricts people from other countries to settle in the country. Plus the political implications of the Islamic law plays its part in people not visiting the country.

The Secretary-General of the SC further added that Qatar is eyeing to showcase the very best of best of the Middle-East and the Arab World during the World Cup. He cited examples of the FIFA 2006 and 2018 World Cups in Germany and Russia, which changed the people’s perception for those two countries.

“Two perfect examples are Russia 2018 and Germany 2006 the fans who attended left those two tournaments with completely different perceptions of those countries. It was a perfect example of people to people diplomacy thousands of fans coming from around the world, interacting with people from the host nation and crafting their own opinions of that country and not relying on a stereotype” Al Thawadi said.

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He also spoke about Challenge 22, an initiative that will help FIFA World Cup go beyond the local markets. “We launched Challenge 22 to support entrepreneurs in the region, so they can use the World Cup as a platform to reach people beyond their local markets. We have the Josoor Institute, which is uplifting the skills of people working within the sporting and hospitality industries something which will allow these industries to act as job creators and contribute to economic growth in Qatar and across the region” the SC Secretary-General said.

The Munich Security council is the best platform for international security policy. It aims at building trust and peaceful resolution by sustaining a continuous, curated and informal dialogue within the international security community.

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