Sachin Tendulkar Talks About Desert Storm Match, Says ‘Decided to Forget All About Social Distancing’

Sachin Tendulkar

Now every fan remembers Sachin Tendulkar’s of the desert storm match which remains fresh in the archives of our memories. The match between India and Australia, Coca Cola Cup 1998 was held at Sharjah was a massive desert storm stopped the play when Sachin Tendulkar was batting. During one of the interviews, the Master Blaster spoke about being struck by fear since it was the first time he saw something like this. The first thought that cropped up in his mind was that he would get blown away by the storm.

Sachin Tendulkar further mentioned that he had decided to forget all social distancing and was about to hold on to Adam Gilchrist who was a wicket-keeper of Australia. “The storm was so strong that I decided to forget about all social distancing and was ready to hold on to him because if the storm blows me away then at least there will be 80-90 kilos, Adam Gilchrist, with me, so I was thinking literally like that, that’s when the umpires decided to leave the field,” Sachin said.

What frustrated the Master Blaster further was the revised total where only nine runs from the total were deleted from the total of 284 runs with four over being deducted. Thus his calculations while he was in the dressing room went for a toss and Tendulkar was upset. Talking about the game, India might have lost this match but Tendulkar’s innings of 143 runs from 131 balls were remembered by the fans till date. India went on to defeat the Aussies in the finals to lift the Coca Cola Cup 1998.

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