5 WWE Matches that can Still be Added to the TLC Card

#3 Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe:

Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe moved to Smackdown Live from Raw earlier this year during the annual Superstar Shakeup. Ever since arriving on the Blue Brand, both men have been a part of some interesting feuds and matches. Unfortunately, their stint on Smackdown Live hasn’t been a successful one so far. Both Superstars have failed to win a majority of their respective feuds. It’s understandable that they are past their prime and should put over the younger generation of Superstars but still, a win now and then wouldn’t hurt the other Superstars.

Two weeks ago on Smackdown Live during Jeff Hardy’s 20th Anniversary in WWE Celebration, Joe interrupted to remind Hardy of his dark past. Now, we have seen these two feud in the past (in Impact Wrestling). However, the problem is that both of them are in desperate need of a win to maintain their credibility. Regardless, the feud looks promising and we will have a number of amazing matches down the line, possibly starting at TLC.

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