5 WWE Matches that can Still be Added to the TLC Card

#5 US Title Match:

Ever since AJ Styles lost the US title, it has lost its prestige. Some Superstars have held the Title after him, but their reigns were quite forgettable. It finally started to like the Title may once again get the importance and attention it deserved when Shinsuke Nakamura won it at Extreme Rules this year. As time passed by, however, Namakura started to fade in the background as well. Ever since his feud with Jeff Hardy ended at Summerslam, he has been defending the Title in throwaway matches.

But, things took an interesting turn two weeks ago. As Rusev was about to challenge Nakamura for the Title, The King of Strong Style attacked the Bulgarian Brute before the bell rang and left him laying. The attack angle has sparked a feud between the two, and a clash for the US title down the line is inevitable. It will be even better if the match happens at TLC so that the US Title can get some exposure as well. If somehow, the match gets added to the card, it will take place on the pre-show. It is fine as long as it makes the TLC card.

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