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Still Here

Riot’s ‘Still Here’: A Cinematic Triumph

To mark the commencement of League of Legends Season 14, Riot Games unveiled their cinematic masterpiece, "Still Here," which has quickly become a record-breaking sensation, surpassing all expectations and solidifying its status as the most popular Riot video to date. League of Legends (LoL) enthusiasts were in for a treat with the release of Season 14, experiencing not only gameplay changes but also an immersive dive into the game's lore through the captivating cinematic "Still Here." Drawing inspiration from the success of "The
Remix Rumble

Remix Rumble: Convergence Clash

The Convergence is ablaze with the electrifying clash of bands at the wildest music festival—Remix Rumble! Take center stage, choose your Headliner, and assemble a powerhouse team of rockstars for an epic battle. Do you have what it takes to conquer the charts and reign supreme on the leaderboard? Playing for Free in the Convergence Enter the realm of Remix Rumble without spending a dime. The festival invites you to immerse yourself in the music, strategy, and fierce competition—all without breaking the bank.

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.19 Highlights

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.19 Notes: Winds of Change The latest update for Teamfight Tactics, Patch 13.19, brings a breath of fresh air to the game with significant changes across various aspects of the gameplay. Let's dive into the highlights of this patch and see how they are set to reshape the TFT meta. Large Changes The patch opens with substantial adjustments that promise to shake up the current meta. Like a warm breeze at the heart of a Poros' Fluft, these changes are
League of Legends

League of Legends Patch 13.19: Champions, Items, and More!

League of Legends Patch 13.19 Highlights Introduction Patch 13.19 is here, marking the official patch for the League of Legends World Championship. This update brings a balance pass on champions that have dominated the competitive scene during the summer. Additionally, it addresses toxicity concerns, introduces audio accessibility updates, unveils a new skin line, and more. Let's delve into the key changes in this patch. Champion Balancing Azir: To prevent Azir from dominating Worlds, his Q - Conquering Sands cooldown has been increased. Briar:

Previously on Star Guardian Recap of the Story So…

In the inception, the universe and all life were birthed by the First Star. To safeguard its creations and ensure the eternal cycle of life, the First Star entrusted individuals of unyielding determination and purity of heart with fragments of its essence – the radiant starlight. These chosen guardians, throughout ages, became the protectors of the universe. Amid the daylight hours, they navigate the complexities of high school life, grappling with stress, drama, and emotional turmoil. When night falls, they stand against malevolent

Introducing Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.15 Notes

Greetings, Soul Brawlers! As we approach the end of Soul Brawl and the Choncc Dome, Patch 13.15 brings lighter balance changes, along with two significant reworks for Piltover and Shifting Sands. Moreover, we're introducing a new Region Portal to replace Lavender Sea. Let's dive in! SOUL BRAWL AND THE CHONCC DOME As a reminder, the Soul Brawl mode, Choncc Dome Event, and Soul Fighter themed cosmetics are active from July 19th (afternoon PT) to August 15th (afternoon PT). Check out more details about

Introducing Patch 13.15: Let the Battles Begin!

Ding ding ding! The latest patch is here, and we hope you're all pumped up for the Soul Fighter summer event! Some of you might have already conquered the existing competition, but guess what? We're not stopping there! Get ready for even more challenges as we unleash the second half of the Soul Fighter roster in this patch. Watch out for their cameos in the Arena, and Gladiators, stay sharp out there! Arena has been receiving some love with two micropatches, but that's

Introducing “Morning Recall,” a special feature in the Overwatch…

Throughout the Summer Stage, "Morning Recall" will be available, with any match labeled as "ENCORE" on the Schedule page being rebroadcasted the following morning, just before the day's scheduled West region matches. "Morning Recall" matches present another exciting opportunity for fans to earn viewership rewards throughout the entire season! For more information on how to link accounts and access drops for the Summer Stage, head to the Perks page. Don't miss out on the action and rewards!
Runeterra Reforged Updates

Runeterra Reforged New Units, Traits, cosmetics, and Mechanic Updates

Runeterra Reforged brings all new units and traits, cosmetics, and mechanic updates as we return to a Runeterra ravaged by a Convergence storm the size of Cho’Gath’s feet—wait, bigger… much bigger. But if you didn’t click on the feet link, I don’t blame you—do be sure to check out our new set’s cinematic, My Honeyfruit! As for these notes, we’re going to start with cosmetics at the top, then we’ll work our way through the changing and returning systems near the end. As
Riot Games

Riot Delays Competitive League of Legends Season after Players…

Riot Games announced Tuesday that it’s delaying the start of the summer season for competitive North American League of Legends after players recently voted “overwhelmingly” for a walkout. The League Championship Series (LCS) summer split was set to kick off on Thursday, but the start of the season is being pushed back by two weeks. The players, who are represented by the LCS Players Association (LCSPA), voted to walk out following Riot Games’ announcement that LCS teams wouldn’t need to field an amateur

Flash Wolves announce their new League of Legends roster…

The Flash Wolves League of Legends team has announced multiple changes to their roster for the 2019 season. The team which won six straight LoL Masters Series titles will try to field a relatively new team for this season. Many of the players for their new roster feature a very fresh and raw look. This is quite a departure from their previous roster which included experienced players on their roster. The team will add three new players to their team for the upcoming

Which country has the best Esports players?

Competitive gaming has proliferated in the last two decades with esports becoming one of the most exciting entertainment trends in the world. The esports industry is expected to grow to be a worth $1.65 billion by 2021 which is making it clear that it is not just passing fetish. While there is hardly any doubt about Esports popularity, there is a constant debate over which country manages to produce the world best competitive gamers. Here is a look at some of the nations

Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng joins Bilibili Gaming for the upcoming…

BiliBili Gaming announced the addition of Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng to their roster. This marks the end of the LCK Journey for the player, at least for now. He will join Bilibili Gaming and hope to help the team advance further than this year. Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng is one of the best known mid-lane players in the LCK. The player has a very controversial ( at times ) style of play. However, there is little doubt that he remains one of the best players

Optic Gaming adds Dardoch to their League of Legends…

Optic Gaming has announced the addition of Joshua “Dardoch” Harnettm to their League of Legends roster. The announcement came via a tweet from the esports organisation. They refer to his jungling abilities and the high mechanical skill of the player. https://twitter.com/OpTicLoL/status/1070122422257504257? Dardoch burst onto the scene when he joined team Affinity in 2014. He amazed everyone with his high skill-ceiling. The player was one of the wonders in the scene and there was no doubt that he would have an illustrious career. Subsequently,

Echo Fox announce signing of Rush and Fenix to…

Echo Fox has announced the signing of Lee "Rush" Yoon-Jae and Kim "Fenix" Jae-hun just as we head towards the end of the off-season. Both the players are former NA LCS players [ Rush played for Cloud9 while Fenis was a part of Echo Fox].  This announcement comes as a surprise to many fans. It also comes just a few days after Echo Fox announced the signing of Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent, Apollo “Apollo” Price and Colin “Solo” Earnest to their League of Legends