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Still Here

Riot’s ‘Still Here’: A Cinematic Triumph

To mark the commencement of League of Legends Season 14, Riot Games unveiled their cinematic masterpiece, "Still Here," which has quickly become a record-breaking sensation, surpassing all expectations and solidifying its status as the most popular Riot video to date. League of Legends (LoL) enthusiasts were in for a treat with the release of Season 14, experiencing not only gameplay changes but also an immersive dive into the game's lore through the captivating cinematic "Still Here." Drawing inspiration from the success of "The

Esports: The Rise of a Cultural Phenomenon

Esports, or electronic sports, has rapidly ascended from niche gaming subculture to a global cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences and reshaping entertainment landscapes worldwide. This meteoric rise can be attributed to several factors, reflecting the convergence of technology, gaming, and a shifting societal perspective on competitive video gaming. Evolution of Esports The roots of esports trace back to the late 20th century, with the rise of competitive gaming communities. However, the true turning point came with the advent of high-speed internet and the proliferation
Remix Rumble

Remix Rumble: Convergence Clash

The Convergence is ablaze with the electrifying clash of bands at the wildest music festival—Remix Rumble! Take center stage, choose your Headliner, and assemble a powerhouse team of rockstars for an epic battle. Do you have what it takes to conquer the charts and reign supreme on the leaderboard? Playing for Free in the Convergence Enter the realm of Remix Rumble without spending a dime. The festival invites you to immerse yourself in the music, strategy, and fierce competition—all without breaking the bank.
Team Spirit

Team Spirit Triumph at The International 2023

Team Spirit emerges as Grand Champions of The International 2023, becoming the second team ever to secure the coveted Aegis twice. Their impressive journey saw them triumph with a resounding 3-0 victory in the Grand Finals, solidifying their position as the premier Dota team in the world. The Path to The International - Group Stage Team Spirit set the tone for their remarkable run with a flawless 8-0 performance in the Group Stage. They outclassed opponents like 9pandas, SMG, Entity, and Evil Geniuses
Community Events

Community Events at The International

Community Events at The International The International 2023: Community Celebrations and Updates Pubstomps and the Global Dota Community With the highly anticipated arrival of The International 2023 just around the corner, the Dota 2 community is gearing up for an unforgettable event. The excitement is palpable as teams prepare to make their way to Seattle. Ticket sales have been brisk, with the Road to the International (Oct 20-22) tickets completely sold out, and only a limited number remaining for The International (Oct 27-29).
The International

The International 2023 Compendium: Dota 2 Celebration

The International 2023 Compendium: A Celebration of Dota 2 Excellence Innovating the Compendium The International 2023 brings a refreshing update to the traditional Compendium, offering new features, rewards, and experiences to Dota 2 enthusiasts worldwide. Dive into this article to explore the revamped Compendium and the motivations behind this exciting change. A Shift in Perspective Discover how the creators of Dota 2 recognized the need for change in their approach to annual Battle Passes. Explore the journey that led to the decision to

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.19 Highlights

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.19 Notes: Winds of Change The latest update for Teamfight Tactics, Patch 13.19, brings a breath of fresh air to the game with significant changes across various aspects of the gameplay. Let's dive into the highlights of this patch and see how they are set to reshape the TFT meta. Large Changes The patch opens with substantial adjustments that promise to shake up the current meta. Like a warm breeze at the heart of a Poros' Fluft, these changes are
League of Legends

League of Legends Patch 13.19: Champions, Items, and More!

League of Legends Patch 13.19 Highlights Introduction Patch 13.19 is here, marking the official patch for the League of Legends World Championship. This update brings a balance pass on champions that have dominated the competitive scene during the summer. Additionally, it addresses toxicity concerns, introduces audio accessibility updates, unveils a new skin line, and more. Let's delve into the key changes in this patch. Champion Balancing Azir: To prevent Azir from dominating Worlds, his Q - Conquering Sands cooldown has been increased. Briar:

Claudia Vasconcelos: The Unexpected Pioneer Who Etched History at…

Among the moments that Claudia Vasconcelos treasures from that pivotal evening when she etched her name into history, the memory of the vibrant ambiance within Guangzhou's stadium remains vivid even after 32 years. With an enduring smile gracing her face, Vasconcelos reflects on the surreal scene, sharing, "It was an incredible experience. The stadium was packed… to witness women's football embraced by such a multitude of fans brought immense delight." On November 29, 1991, Vasconcelos scripted an unparalleled narrative as she stood at

7.34 Gameplay Update Unveiled

In response to last night's unconventional and downright absurd emoji-filled patchnote leak, we've decided to veer from our original plan of releasing version 7.34 this upcoming Thursday. Instead, we're delivering it today – yes, at this very moment, as you read these words. In case you missed the emoji fiasco or, perhaps, belong to the rare breed of individuals who have yet to acquaint themselves with the cinematic masterpiece that is The Emoji Movie, we invite you to delve into the complete list

Previously on Star Guardian Recap of the Story So…

In the inception, the universe and all life were birthed by the First Star. To safeguard its creations and ensure the eternal cycle of life, the First Star entrusted individuals of unyielding determination and purity of heart with fragments of its essence – the radiant starlight. These chosen guardians, throughout ages, became the protectors of the universe. Amid the daylight hours, they navigate the complexities of high school life, grappling with stress, drama, and emotional turmoil. When night falls, they stand against malevolent

The Resurrection of Muerta – The Dead Reckoning Update

Embark on a journey alongside Death's formidable ally, Muerta, who strides into the fray of the Ancients armed with a keen eye, twin iron fists, and an abundance of ammunition. Aid her in her quest to locate wayward souls and guide them to the afterlife – before they claim yours – in the gripping Dead Reckoning Mini-game. Use the rewards gained from this venture to unlock all-new item sets. The era of Dead Reckoning has arrived and is now accessible to play. Visit

Revamping Turbo Mode: Speed with a Smile

For those of you fortunate enough to enjoy a Vin Diesel movie every two years (Sweden and others), you might wonder why everyone seems so angry despite the fast-paced action. Well, you raise an excellent point, and we appreciate your candid feedback. Going fast should never cause fury, and that's why we're introducing a set of changes to enhance the overall Turbo play experience as part of our More Fast, Less Furious initiative. Here's what's in store: Wisdom Rune experience amount increased by

After a dominant midseason run, the Atlanta Reign were…

The Reign's mastery of the Sombra dive composition set them apart, with each player perfectly tuned to their role, creating a seamless and calculated rhythm in their gameplay. Despite their overwhelming success in the lead-up, the Reign faced a formidable challenge from the Houston Outlaws in the upper bracket final. The Outlaws disrupted Atlanta's rhythm and forced them to make some mistakes, but the Reign quickly regained their composure and brushed aside their opponents in the Grand Finals rematch. The Reign showcased their

Introducing the Dota Plus Update for Summer 2023!

As we bid farewell to the not-so-favorite season of spring, the Summer 2023 Dota Plus update arrives like a much-awaited meteor shower for the Dota community. This update comes with refreshed seasonal quests and guild rewards, along with an exciting new treasure to explore. Dota Plus Seasonal Treasure Get ready to delve into the Summer 2023 Seasonal Treasure, available for purchase with shards. This treasure boasts brand new sets for heroes like Axe, Ember Spirit, Troll Warlord, Zeus, Oracle, Queen of Pain, Sand

The Dark Secrets Unveiled

A much-anticipated update is on the horizon, and we couldn't resist teasing some of its contents without giving away too much. We've gathered a selection of genuine patch notes, presented without context, to pique your curiosity while we add the finishing touches to the update. Here's your first clue: The upcoming Dota Update will be released on a date that rhymes with "Smaypril Twemmieth" and falls between April 19th and April 21st. Alright, that was a bit advanced, so let's start with some

Joining the Heroes Community in Celebrating Pride, Identity, and…

The Heroes Community is proud to celebrate Pride, a time of celebration, education, and visibility for LGBTQ+ individuals. We had the pleasure of speaking with four inspiring members of our community about the significance of Pride, how their identity has shaped their gaming journeys, and how we can create an inclusive and safe space for everyone in Overwatch year-round. Meet Aramori, Calling All Heroes Flex Support Aramori, also known by the pronouns she/her, is an Overwatch content creator, coach, and competitive player. Her

Introducing Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.15 Notes

Greetings, Soul Brawlers! As we approach the end of Soul Brawl and the Choncc Dome, Patch 13.15 brings lighter balance changes, along with two significant reworks for Piltover and Shifting Sands. Moreover, we're introducing a new Region Portal to replace Lavender Sea. Let's dive in! SOUL BRAWL AND THE CHONCC DOME As a reminder, the Soul Brawl mode, Choncc Dome Event, and Soul Fighter themed cosmetics are active from July 19th (afternoon PT) to August 15th (afternoon PT). Check out more details about

The Bali Major is just around the corner, with…

The Bali Major, presented by IO Esports. Witness the thrilling action live online during the Group Stage from June 29th to July 3rd, followed by the intense Playoffs from July 5th to July 9th. Stay updated on all the participating teams and match standings at Supporters Club Sale As we approach the final Major, it's time to showcase your fan spirit and get custom equippables by purchasing your favorite team's Supporters Club. Enjoy a fantastic 75% discount on Supporters Clubs until the

FaZe Clan emerged victorious at IEM Katowice, securing their…

Despite facing challenges at the start with the absence of Havard "rain" Nygaard due to COVID-19, FaZe made a remarkable comeback on Inferno, trailing 2-11 but eventually taking G2 to overtime and securing a 19-15 win. On Mirage, FaZe initially dominated, but G2 fought back, leading to five overtimes. FaZe Clan eventually clinched the map with outstanding performances from "jks" and Russel "Twistszz" Van Dulken. G2 Esports put up a valiant effort on Dust II, but FaZe managed to secure a narrow 16-14