Greetings to all! The Skins and Monetization teams are here to share some exciting upcoming developments that will soon make their way to the PBE and the in-game shop. If you missed our previous update, you can catch up on it here. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a new concept that we’ve been exploring and experimenting with: Mythic tiered loot-exclusive content, which we’ve coined as “Mythic Variants.”

So, what exactly are these Mythic Variants?
Prestige skins highlighted the fact that all players share a desire for prestigious content, not just those motivated by exclusivity. However, various changes over time to make Prestige skins more accessible (like the introduction of the Mythic Essence cashout option in Event Shops, Mythic Essence as milestone rewards, and the availability of Loot Showcase Prestiges such as the upcoming Immortal Journey Sona with Mythic Essence) led to these skins no longer fulfilling their original purpose for players seeking ultra-rare and exclusive content. Rather than diminishing the satisfaction of players who are content with the accessible Prestige system by making those skins more difficult to obtain, we are opting for a fresh approach.

Our aim is to discover alternative methods of offering exclusive items that truly stand out. To kick off this experiment, we are revisiting existing Legendary skins and reimagining them along with the champion’s unique fantasy. To illustrate, let’s envision creating one of these Mythic Variants for Jhin. We would enhance an existing Legendary skin, infusing it with special elements that accentuate Jhin’s distinct moments—perhaps his 4th shot, for instance. Without further ado, we’re excited to announce that the inaugural Mythic Variant will be none other than Dark Cosmic Erasure Jhin!

By- Sahiba Suri

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