Top 5 WWE feuds of 2018

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were best friends for the most of 2018, and things got heated between the two when Charlotte was included in the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship match between Becky and Carmella st SummerSlam and eventually won the title from Carmella.

It was when Becky turned on Charlotte by attacking her and in turn, turned heel although she has been an anti-hero face, thanks to her popularity among the fans. She made Charlotte tap out and won the title from her at WWE Hell in a Cell before both the women were put in a historic first-ever Last Woman Standing match at WWE Evolution where Becky successfully defended her title.

Later, when Becky was not medically cleared to face Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series, she handpicked Charlotte to face the baddest woman on the planet. While everyone though both of them buried their hatchet, their rivalry resumed again which led to a historic first-ever women’s TLC match (Asuka as the third competitor) at the TLC PPV.

The rivalry has been on fire ever since it started as both of them started brawling wherever they saw each other. Becky ruining Charlotte’s photo shoot by attacking her, Becky putting the Queen through the titantron, the promo exchanges, etc. made the rivalry even more memorable.

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