Top 10 Highest Release Clauses In World Football Today

The January 2020 transfer window for Premier League clubs opened on Wednesday 1 January and closed on Friday 31 January 2020. Manchester United signing Bruno Fernandes is one of the biggest headlines of this transfer window. Huge money was spent behind roping in several players, while some were brought on loan. The January transfer window was a good business for many clubs who have tried to buy players that they thought would fit the bill. Meanwhile, the latest list of 10 highest release clauses in world football today has been released and it contains some high-profile names who have been top performers for their respective clubs for some time now. 

Here is the list of 10 highest release clauses in world football today in the descending order. 

10) Gerard Pique (£423 million)

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Pique was transferred to Barcelona from Manchester United in 2008 for 5,00 mil. € and since then has been playing for the Spanish giants- FC Barcelona. His contract runs till June 2022. His release clause has been fixed at £423 million as part of his 2018 deal.

9) Gareth Bale (£423 million)

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Bale joined Real Madrid by leaving Tottenham Hotspurs for 101,00 mil. €. The Madrid right-winger has his contract with the club till June 2022. He is also the tenth-most expensive player of the world in terms of release clause, as any football club interested in signing him without any hassles or bargaining will have to part ways with a transfer fee of £423 million. 

8) Marco Asensio (£592.5 million)

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Madrid signed Asensio for a €3.9 million fee for a six-year deal with the club in 2015. His contract has been extended till 2023. The Real Madrid left-winger’s release clause was fixed at £592.5 million if any other club wants to render his services. Currently injured and slowly recovering, the Spaniard was identified as one of the most exciting future prospects in football. 

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7) Vinicius Jr (£592.5 million)

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The Brazil and Real Madrid Forward joined the club in 2018 fro Flamengo for 45,00 mil. €. His contract with the club runs till June 2025. He is being seen as the next big thing in world football after his release clause price is similar to that of Lionel Messi that of £592.5 million. 

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6) Isco (£592.5 million)

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Isco is another footballer whose release clause is similar to that of Messi. The Spain and Real Madrid midfielder has his contract with the club till 2022. He left Malaga and joined Madrid for 30,00 mil. € in 2013. For clubs wanting to rope him in before that, they should pay £592.5 million as part of the release clause. 

5. Lionel Messi (£592.5 million)

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The Argentina and Barcelona legend joined the club in 2005 and has been the club’s leading goal-scorer since then. His market value at the moment is 300 mil. € and his release clause has been set at £592.5 million. The price sets a benchmark for the success he has brought to the club and the value that he adds to the club as a player and also as a personality. There are rumors of him being linked to Manchester United in the next summer.

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4) Brahim Diaz (£634.9 million)

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The Madrid youngster joined the club from Manchester City for 17 mil. € for a six-year deal till 2025. An attacking midfielder who breaches through the defence, scored two goals for City during his stay with the club. He is yet to find his footing at Madrid, however, his talent is being seen as something which can be well-groomed. His release clause at £634.9 million is being considered a bit too much at the moment. 

3) Luka Modric (£634.9 million)

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Modric has lost his form recently which keeps him thinking about his future with Madrid. He joined the club from Spurs in 2012 for 35 mil. €. His release clause has been set at £634.9 million but that might not be used as the club is willing to release him in the future. Madrid might agree on a lower price than the one which has been set. 

2) Antoine Griezmann (£677.2 million)

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The Frenchman joined Barcelona from Athletico Madrid in 2019. Signed for £107 million, Barca inserted a £677.2 million release clause into his contract. His contract with Barca runs till June 2024 where he has a chance to make it big with the club.

1) Karim Benzema (£846.7 million)

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Benzema’s release clause is the highest among all the payers in the list. The Frenchman joined the club leaving Lyon in 2009 for 35,00 mil. €. He has scored 240 goals for the club since he has joined and has proved his worth in gold.his extraordinarily high release clause is a clear sign of just how important he is for his club.

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