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Digital Bonds: Djokovic and Kohli’s Unique Friendship

Djokovic and Kohli's

Virat Kohli and Novak Djokovic, two iconic athletes from different sports, have formed a unique friendship through digital communication. Despite never meeting in person, their interactions on Instagram have created a bond based on mutual admiration and respect.

In an interview with Sony Sports, Djokovic expressed his appreciation for Kohli’s words about him, stating, “Virat Kohli and I have been texting a little bit for a few years. We never got the chance to meet in person, but it was an honour and privilege to listen to him speak nicely about me. I admire his career and his achievements.” Djokovic, known for his tennis prowess, also humorously acknowledged his cricket skills, saying, “I started to play cricket. I’m not very good at it. I have a task to perfect my cricket skills before I get to India so that I don’t embarrass myself when I am there.”

Kohli, on the other hand, shared his side of the story, revealing that the initial contact was initiated by Djokovic. “I got in touch with Novak very organically. When I saw his profile on Instagram, I pressed the message button, I thought I would just message him. Then I saw his message already on my DM,” Kohli disclosed in an interview with “I had never opened it. It was the first time I had opened my own messages. And he’s messaged me himself. So first I thought let me just check, maybe it’s a fake account. Then I checked again, it was legitimate. Then we got talking.”

The camaraderie between the two athletes was further highlighted when Djokovic acknowledged Kohli’s achievements, specifically mentioning the Indian cricketer’s 50th ODI century. “When I got 50th ODI century recently, Novak Djokovic put out a story and sent me a nice message as well, so there is mutual admiration and respect – really nice to connect with global athletes who are excelling at a high level,” said Kohli. “I have a lot of respect for him and his journey… his passion for fitness is something I dearly follow myself. So there was a lot to connect on.”

During a promotional event for the Australian Open in Melbourne, Djokovic, along with cricketer Steve Smith, engaged in a friendly exchange of skills. Kohli, commenting on the event, praised Smith’s ability to return Djokovic’s serve and humorously remarked, “I think Steve did pretty well to return his serve. When you have good hand-eye coordination, you think you can also do that.” Kohli acknowledged the speed of tennis serves and expressed his desire to play tennis with Djokovic, suggesting that he could contribute cricket insights to the Serbian star.

In essence, the digital friendship between Virat Kohli and Novak Djokovic serves as a testament to the global connections possible in the world of sports. Despite their different disciplines, these two sports icons have found common ground, fostering a friendship that goes beyond borders and fields.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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