Overwatch ‘Winter Wonderland’ Event will releaase on the 11th of December

Blizzard constantly releases regular events in their FPS game Overwatch. We have seen multiple events in the past such as Junkenstein’s Revenge and the Winter Wonderland event. This year the Winter Wonderland event will see its return to the live client as well. The event goes live on December 11th according to this tweet by PlayOverwatch Twitter Handle.

The Winter Wonderland sees the entire Overwatch universe covered in snow. It is more visible in certain maps than others, King’s Row is the standout map when it comes to this event. The event will run through Christmas and the new year ending on January 2nd.

There will be new skins for this event and we expect Junkrat to get a brand new skin. In addition to Junkrat, other heroes should also get new skins, sprays and potentially voice lines.

The Game Mode

Winter Wonderland will bring back the Mei Snowball and Yeti Hunter Game Mode. The mode has a very interesting take on the entire gameplay and it is really exciting to play. With multiple players playing as Mei, we have to capture Winston [ Yeti ]. However there is always a catch and if Yeti touches you, you are eliminated. You can choose whether to be Mei or the Yeti when you queue for the match. For many, this game mode is a very exciting concept and a unique one in the game as well.


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