Niko accuses Astralis of using unfair means, Glaive retaliates

Recently Niko from Faze Clan made some allegations on social media. These allegations were against several players, but it also included the current CS: GO Major Champions, Astralis. The allegation was on Twitter and this points to potentially Astralis using unfair vision settings in order to gain an advantage over smoke grenades in the game.

The tweet drew sharp responses from the community as well as several professional players in the game. They were unsure whether Astralis actually uses such unfair means to their advantage, however, it did come as a surprise to some.

Niko’s allegations don’t directly mention Astralis, however, they are definitely pointed towards the Danish powerhouse.

Astralis denies such allegations

Glaive, the in-game leader of Astralis denied all such allegations on Twitter. In fact, he went on to say that none of the Astralis players had any idea of this bug. The bug or glitch itself is due to setting Nvidia settings to high. It allows the players to see through the edges of the smokes. It gives players a few seconds advance warning of what is on the opposite side of the smoke.

Other members of the community have also come forward to put forth their support for the Astralis roster. The observer, Sliggy mentions that putting your game on high settings might be great for observers. However, it is not the best way to play a game at the highest level. The drops in Frames per second and the general visual appearance of the game will feel pretty laggy.

Jesper Weckell is a part of Fnatic has witnessed time at the very top of Counter Strike. He was a part of the best team in the world for a very long time. During his time as the best team in the world, fans and even professional players would call Fnatic cheaters. These accusations will always come against the best team in the world.

For now, we need Valve to step up and provide a solution for this. It is a bug that gives an unfair advantage to one team, often borderline cheating.

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