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2 Gamers fist bumping each other during a competitive game of Counter Strike

From Hobby to E-sports Startup: “Good Game” is Taking…

When account strategist Nikola Stolnik was working for Google in Dublin, he used most of his free time to play Counter Strike or Dota with colleagues from other tech companies. Usually what happened next was that these friendly competitions ended as matches between Google and Facebook, or other tech companies, Stolnik explains.  Upon his return to his native Croatia, the notion gave him another idea – for organizing B2B e-sports events that would include top tech companies from the region. “The goal was to invite

Here are the four teams attending the Eleague CSGO…

Turner Broadcast Studio has revealed the list of teams for its upcoming tournaments. We will see the Eleague CS: GO Invitational feature four CS: GO  teams. While previous editions of the Eleague tournaments involved multiple CS: GO teams from all over the world, this one will be different. The four teams are Cloud9, Faze Clan, BIG and Complexity. These include two North American teams and two European teams. The Eleague CS: GO Invitational will take place over a three day period from January

The Katowice 2019 European Minor Preview

The IEM Katowice 2019 is touted to be one of the biggest events in Counter-Strike. It is the first Major of 2019 and has already garnered a lot of attention from mainstream media. IEM Katowice will take place in February, however, there are multiple Minor events which will determine which team makes it to the next stage. The European CS: GO scene has always been the peak of Counterstrike scene. European CS: GO has had a long history and we have multiple talented

Complexity join list of IBuyPower Masters IV Teams.

Complexity Gaming has received an invite to the upcoming IBuyPower Masters IV. The tournament is a return to Counter-Strike event for PC Maker IBuyPower. The company gained notoriety in CS: GO when its team was found guilty of match-fixing. The players of the original roster [ most of them ] were banned by the game developer. The bans still stand as of today. It was after this episode that IBuyPower's involvement in the CS: GO scene was limited to organising events. The IBuyPower

Swole Patrol add Vanity and Food to their roster…

Anthony "vanity" Malaspina and Victor "food" Wong have parted ways with Team Singularity. The two players will meet their former teammates on Swole Patrol. This allows them to play in the ESL Pro league and carve a name for themselves in the North American Counter-Strike scene. Swole Patrol recently lost Jordan "Zellsis" Montemurro to Cloud9. The player joins Cloud9 on trial for the upcoming IEM Katowice 2019 Major.   Singularity CS: GO roster is now down to just the following: Joshua "oSee"

Karrigan joins Team Envy on Trial for the Americas…

Finn "Karrigan" Andersen is one of the most well-known players in the Counter-Strike scene. The player has been able to provide excellent leadership to many of the top teams in the world. Formerly a part of Astralis, Karrigan moved to Faze Clan in  October 2016. He has been a staple of the team and has helped the team develop its own charisma. The former roster for Faze Clan was supposed to be the best team in the world. They had all the

Bravado and eNergy receive invites to Dreamhack Mumbai 2018.

Dreamhack's first venture into India commences with the Dreamhack Mumbai 2018. The event will be a breakthrough event for esports in the region. The tournament will feature a prize pool of ₹2,500,000 which amounts to around $34,911. It is not a big amount by today's standards, however, it is a big step forward for Indian esports. The community recently suffered a huge setback from 'Forsaken' episode where he was caught cheating. They will partner with Indian Company Viacom 18 to coordinate the operations

Scream and D0cC will stand-in for GUCCIXD at PLG…

The PLG Grand Slam is slated to begin in a few hours. However, one of the teams in attendance at the event guccixD will be using two stand-ins at the event. They will be using Shuaib "D0cC" Ahmad and Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom as stand-ins for their roster. The two players will be joining the existing members as follows: Kristjan "fejtZ" Allsaar. Erik "truth" Hansen Dyrnes. Bayram "bramz" Ben Redjeb. Scream: The perennial stand-in Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom will be a stand-in for the team

IBUYPOWER Masters IV announced with eight teams

Ibuypower will play host to yet another tournament, and this one comes after a gap of more than a year. The IBuypower Masters IV will take place over a two day period from January 19th to 20th. The tournament will see a prize pool of $200,000 which is a significant boost over the normal $100,000 for the organiser. There will be eight teams in attendance at the event. However, the organisers are yet to announce the list of these teams. If previous events

ENCE win Dreamhack Winter 2018 after a 2-0 Victory…

Finnish Counter-Strike team ENCE secured Dreamhack Winter title after a 2-0 win over Bravado Gaming. The team has looked strong and has intermittently strong performances. They won the Starseries & I-League Season 6 in October and now they add another title. With Dreamhack Winter 2018 firmly under their belt, we can say that ENCE is quickly climbing up the ranks of Tier two teams. This team has a great combination of young firepower and the veteran experience from Allu. And yet, we constantly

NRG and BIG Gaming reach SuperNova CSGO Malta Playoffs

The SuperNova Malta 2018 tournament is a $150,000 four day tournament featuring a total of eight teams. The teams Play in a Double elimination GSL Format with the playoffs being single elimination Best of Three matches. With the Group stages over, we are now down to the last four teams in the event. Day 2 of the tournament saw NRG and BIG gaming secure the last two playoff spots. NRG won their elimination match against Virtus Pro. in Group B, BIG Gaming won

G2 Esports makes two roster changes; Ex6tenz releases public…

G2 esports has announced changes to its Counter-Strike roster. The team will move Edouard Smithzz Dubourdeaux and Kevin Ex6tenz  Droolans to the inactive roster. Replacing the two on the team will be two players from 3DMAX. The two players joining the team are Audric "JaCkz" Jug and Lucas "Lucky" Chastang. This decision comes after months of poor results and the lack of any real positives for the team. Despite giving Ex6tenz enough time with the squad, they were unable to show improvement.

Fer ruled out Made In Brazil for Blast Pro…

Made in Brazil player, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga is ruled out of the Blast Pro Series Lisbon. The player will be out of the tournament due to medical reasons. The player will undergo surgery for his right ear on the 14th of December. In an interview to ESPN Brasil, Fer confirms that he will not be taking part in the Blast Pro Series Lisbon Tournament. Blast Pro Series Lisbon will take place on the 14th and 15th of December at the Altice Arena. It

Renegades is the first team to be invited to…

Renegades is the first team to receive an invite to IEM Sydney 2019. Considering the event takes place in Sydney, Australia, it is only fitting that the Australian team receives the first invite. ESL has hosted tournaments all over the world and one of the most successful of these new venues in Sydney. IEM Sydney [ previously ESL One Sydney ] has drawn massive live audiences and a very energetic one at that too. The tournament sees a lot of support for Renegades,

Niko accuses Astralis of using unfair means, Glaive retaliates

Recently Niko from Faze Clan made some allegations on social media. These allegations were against several players, but it also included the current CS: GO Major Champions, Astralis. The allegation was on Twitter and this points to potentially Astralis using unfair vision settings in order to gain an advantage over smoke grenades in the game. The tweet drew sharp responses from the community as well as several professional players in the game. They were unsure whether Astralis actually uses such unfair means

NIP and Made in Brazil made it to the…

The first day of Esports Championship Series Season 6 LAN has come to an end. Two teams have already secured their place in the semifinals: Made in Brazil and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Made in Brazil definitely looks much stronger than their former selves. The team has been under the guidance of YNK for several months now. We did see glimpses of their performance at the Major, but with limited practice time before the Major, it was not fully efficient. YNK helped the team

Team Ukraine pull out of WESG 2018 Ukraine Finals

Team Ukraine has pulled out of the WESG 2018 LAN Finals. The winners of WESG 2017's decision not to attend WESG 2018 LAN finals was a huge shock for the tournament organisers. Team Ukraine won WESG 2017 EU and CIS LAN finals last year. They had the same lineup [ with Markeloff playing in place of Ange1]. They declined the tournament organiser's invitation and that leaves the event one team short. There is only one month left for the event and this news

The ECS Season 6 LAN Finals: Quick Review of…

The Esports Championship Series Season 6 is set to start in a few hours. The best teams in the world will compete at the Esports Stadium in Arlington. With a total prize pool of $660,000, this tournament is the culmination of one of the two biggest leagues in Counterstrike. The tournament will see a total of eight teams compete in a double elimination GSL Format. The eight teams will play out in two groups of four teams each. Each team gets two chances

RFRSH Entertainment sells stake in Heroic

RFRSH Entertainment is one of the biggest investors in the Counter-Strike esports scene. They hold ownership of Astralis as well as the Blast Pro series. Until recently, they were also the owners of the Heroic brand and team. The Denmark based organisation confirmed earlier that they will comply with the WESA regulations. WESA's ruling in mid-2017 meant that organisations with multiple team ownership would not be allowed to play int he same event. RFRSH former team Godsent shut down operations earlier this

Natus Vincere rounds of the Blast Pro Series Lisbon…

Recently, the Blast Pro series announces multiple tournaments all over the world. The new locations for future Blast Pro Series events include Lisbon, Sao Paolo, Miami and Madrid. The Lisbon event will start on the 14th of December 2018. It has a prize pool of $250,000. Blast Pro series Lisbon will see a total of 6 teams in participation. They will compete in a single Group and a Round Robin format. The top two teams will then play in the Grand finals competing