5 Potential challengers for the Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell 2019

5 Potential challengers for Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell 2019

The recently organized Clash of Champion has attracted a lot of attention from all over the world and has finished off as one of the best WWE events till dater. The huge success has left the fans asking for more. And now, the WWE fans are looking forward to the most awaited event of the year, Hell in a Cell which is going to start from the 6th of October.

But, there can be hardly made any guesses regarding who will be the champion of the event, but there are a few contenders which fans are looking forward to. The top five contenders of the Hell in a Cell are Baron Corbin, Roman Reigns, Kane, Drew McIntyre & Samoa Joe.

5 Potential challengers for the Universal Championship at Hell in a Cell 2019

1. Baron Corbin: Baron Corbin has been the former general manager of RAW who has managed to reach new height during the last week’s Clash of Championship. He is now the recent King of the Ring champion after he defeated Chad Gable in a one-on-one match.

He has also recently changed his name from Baron Corbin to King Corbin after his victory. In the recent episode of RAW, his new name along with his new theme music was revealed to the public.

So, fans are looking forward to the performance of the new RAW champion, King Corbin and are eagerly waiting for a tip-off about his match in the Hell in a Cell championship.

2. Roman Reigns: The last edition of the SmackDown has gained mixed reviews from fans and critics. Even after Kofi Kingston getting challenged by Brock Lesnar and the heel duo getting challenged Charlotte and Carmella, the whole event failed to reach the expectation of the fans.

The main event featured Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan vs. Roman Reign and Daniel Bryan also failed to impress the fans.

After Harper made a surprise return to help Rowan defeat Reigns in their recently organized clash in the Clash of Championship, it can be expected that Harper has once again united with his former partner to defeat both Reigns and Bryans in the last episode of SmackDown.

Now, with a few days left for the SmackDown’s debut on FOX, everyone is expecting a big match between the two. And Eric Bischoff is doing everything to avoid any hush-hush.

And one of the biggest matches of the Hell in a Cell event will be Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs. Rowan and Harper.

3. Kane: Even though Glenn Jacobs has been known by many other names such as Fake Diesel and Glenn Jacobs, but the name which suits him the best is non-other than Kane.

After making his WWE debut in 1997, Kane has been a beast.  He has been in the spotlight for many reasons too. And after he recently saved Seth Rollings has left the fans wondering why he did that and what made him return to the championship. And now that being announced that the former world champion is going to be in the Hell in a Cell championship, the fans are eagerly waiting for him.

4. Drew McIntyre: Drew McIntyre is often referred to as one of the best performers in the ring. But he has been out of the scene for quite a long time following his acute illness until he made his comeback in the recently organized King of the Ring Tournament.

But as everyone is expecting, McIntyre can return for the Monday Night Championship and could possibly attack Ricochet and take his revenge for the loss at the tournament. And this attack can lead to a feud which can be witnessed during the Hell in a Cell championship.

5. Samoa Joe: After making his shocking debut in 2017 during the end of January, Samoa Joe hasn’t stopped growing like a champion in all forms. And now, everyone is looking forward to his performance in the Hell in a Cell championship.

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