Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho reveals Alexis Sanchez mission plan for crucial Chelsea victory

JOSE MOURINHO has revealed the mission he put Alexis Sanchez on against Chelsea.

Sanchez was given a different role yesterday against Chelsea as Manchester United ran out 2-1 winners.

United fell a goal behind thanks to Willian’s strike but were level before half time through Romelu Lukaku an then won thanks to Jess Lingard.

And Mourinho made some tactical moves to counter Chelsea’s threat and get stuck in to their weaknesses.

'I don't like to individualise,' Mourinho told Sky Sports. 'I think Matic was phenomenal, I think Pogba played a fantastic game in our midfield. I could speak about my central defenders too and the guys in attack.

'The mission Alexis had, to be the third attacking player but at the same time the fourth midfield player to try to cover the area in front of Scott. I think everyone made a big effort.'


And Mourinho admits he strives for perfection with his gamelans but knows it’s down to the players to put them into action.

'We managers always want the perfection,' Mourinho added. 'We are the best with the pen and the paper when we define our gameplan and define mode of play, we are all the best and everything is perfect.

'Then on the pitch things are a little bit different. Today we decide to play against them with four at the back, not five, and to play with four at the back the work of Scott and Matic was absolutely crucial in the control of Hazard and Willian positions and even so we are not perfect because they are phenomenal players.

'And then we needed Paul and Alexis to give us some balance in front of them. So the players took a little bit of time to adapt to it and I'm really happy from that.

'They were intelligent and understood the change of Lingard and the change of Eric Bailly when Antonio brought [Olivier] Giroud to play with [Alvaro] Morata, because he was making the change Giroud for Morata.

'But when we scored he had time to change and to play with both in the middle and you can imagine they are two fantastic strikers, so we have also to adapt and progressively the players were understanding the changes.

'I'm really happy, great attitude too.'


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