Chelsea Could Soon Have A New Home Ground

The prospective new proprietor of Wembley, Shahid Khan, has said that he wouldn’t mind letting Chelsea use the ground as their second home while Stamford Bridge undergoes its redeveloping process. The Fulham owner, who also owns NFL side—Jacksonville Jaguars, has insisted Chelsea can use the stadium as a temporary base, for the right price.

Khan has reportedly made an offer in excess of £500million to purchase the ground from the Football Association (FA). Both parties are expected to finalize an agreement by August this year.

Upon completion of the deal, the FA will free itself from the most onerous financial parts of owning the stadium and will be able to increase its grassroots investments. At the same time, the FA will retain its right to host the FA Cup final and some England internationals while keeping the Club Wembley revenues as well.

Tottenham Hotspur has also used the ground this season as White Hart Lane went through a rebuild. However, Chelsea’s journey at this ground may not be as smooth, because they are expected to leave west London by the end of ’19/20 season for up to four years while the increasing number of NFL matches could result in major scheduling issues.

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Shahid Khan reportedly said, “Absolutely we would discuss it with them and really encourage them because that is part of the tradition and stewardship of Wembley, just like with Spurs being there this season.

“Chelsea would be welcome to use it. Obviously, they would be paying for it, just like Spurs did, but I think it is really important because our goal is to get the usage up and that would be part of it.

“Could it happen for four years? Obviously you would have to move things but from our viewpoint, we would love that to work.

“The bottom line is we would be doing everything to make that possible because it is good for Chelsea, it is good for English football and most importantly it is good for Wembley. You would have the usage, you would have the revenue and it is a win-win for everybody.”

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