Transfers in the world of football always bring a sense of excitement, but few signings in the history of Manchester United have ignited as much curiosity as that of Andre Onana.

While every player brings their unique attributes, Onana’s addition signifies something more profound.

Undoubtedly, the Cameroonian goalkeeper possesses remarkable talent and a commanding presence – qualities often deemed crucial at Old Trafford. However, these traits are not exclusive to him alone in the world of United acquisitions.

The source of the anticipation surrounding Onana lies in a simple fact: his remarkable ball-handling skills could be the essential ingredient in shaping a Manchester United team that stands apart from the rest.

This claim might seem exaggerated, yet those who have observed Erik ten Hag’s Ajax or witnessed Onana’s standout performance in the recent Champions League final, despite Inter Milan’s 1-0 victory, understand how a technically adept goalkeeper can revolutionize a football team’s dynamics.

“First and foremost, for a goalkeeper, clean sheets are of utmost importance,” the manager stated when discussing the club’s pursuit of a player he previously described as “masterful.”

“The ability of a goalkeeper lies in maintaining a clean goal. It’s the primary criterion for a quality goalkeeper. However, modern football also demands proficiency in playing from the back, exhibiting playing-out abilities, and this is where Andre excels. A goalkeeper needs to excel in both aspects.”

By – Sahiba Suri

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