Xavi: Barca Ready for Battle Against PSG

Barcelona Manager Xavi Hernandez has emphasized his team’s readiness for a tough battle against Paris St Germain (PSG) in the return leg of their Champions League quarterfinal. Despite securing a 3-2 victory in the first leg in France, Xavi acknowledges the challenge ahead, stating that his players are prepared to endure hardship to advance to the semifinals for the first time in five years.

In a press conference on Monday, Xavi characterized the upcoming match as a “major football war,” underlining Barcelona’s commitment to playing their trademark possession-based game rather than adopting a defensive approach. He expressed optimism about his team’s chances but recognized the demanding nature of the encounter, emphasizing the need for Barcelona to deliver an exceptional performance.

Barcelona’s triumph in Paris marked a significant milestone, breaking a four-year winless streak in the Champions League knockout stages. The victory injected a renewed sense of confidence into the team, evident in their subsequent six consecutive victories across all competitions. Xavi attributed this resurgence to a collective improvement in performance, highlighting Barcelona’s evolution since his announcement to step down as manager earlier in the season.

Reflecting on the upcoming match, Xavi conveyed his satisfaction with Barcelona’s current position and expressed pride in the team’s progress. He stressed the importance of maintaining composure and control during the game, acknowledging PSG’s formidable challenge. Xavi called upon the fans to rally behind the team, emphasizing the crucial role they play in providing support and motivation.

As Barcelona braces for a grueling encounter against PSG, Xavi’s words underscore the team’s determination to succeed. With a blend of confidence, resilience, and tactical prowess, Barcelona aims to overcome the challenges posed by their opponents and secure a coveted spot in the Champions League semifinals.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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