Virtus Pro enter partnership with Gaming Chair Brand DXRacer.

Esports organisation Virtus pro has announced a partnership with Gaming chair brand DXRacer. The partnership will see DXracer release a Virtus Pro branded Gaming Chair. In addition, Virtus Pro will also carry the DXRacer brand name on their social media platforms. The mutually beneficial partnership will see the two companies come together until the end of the year. Their partnership extends to the end of the year. is a popular esports team in the CS: GO and Dota 2 community and we are very excited to have them onboard with us. As their official chair partner, we look forward to our exciting partnership with them for 2019.

Shann Ng, Director of Marketing at DXRacer.

DXRacer has partnerships with several esports teams and companies. It is one of the most well-recognised chair brands in the scene. DXRacer chairs also have partnerships with multiple Twitch streamers. They will provide chairs to the Virtus Pro players while streaming.

Any esports player or gamer knows our new partner’s name. We are happy to establish an agreement with such a renowned company as DXRacer. I am sure it is just the beginning of our long-term partnership.

Roman Dvoryankin, General Manager of

Virtus Pro is a Russian based professional eSports organization famous for their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 teams. The organization came into formation in 2003 and has been represented by more than 50 players since. is one of the most known teams on the esports scene.

About DXRacer

The company was founded in 2001, starting off as a manufacturer of car seats for luxury sports cars. Out of its inspiration and curiosity, DXRacer, the first and original brand of the modern gaming chair was born in 2006 and headed for the world of gaming and eSports. The production began and years of innovation and investment in research and development has resulted in a wide product range, including several types of ergonomic gaming and office chairs with a refined racing-inspired design.

As the leading premium brand of gaming chairs, DXRacer is world renowned and available on all continents with its headquarters in Michigan, USA.

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