The ‘Leastern’ Eastern Conference!

It feels like the NBA Finals ended recently and suddenly its 2019 already. How is the league doing? The Eastern Conference has not been able to compete with the Western Conference in recent years. The gap is so big that the NBA had to change the All-Star format it had been using since many decades. Here is a single line recap of all the Eastern Conference teams so far: (according to standings as of Jan 2, 2019)

1. Milwaukee Bucks (26-10) – Giannis is living up to his MVP hype and has led the Bucks to the top of the entire NBA to start 2019.

Milwaukee Bucks

2. Toronto Raptors (28-11) – Kawhi Leonard has turned back the clock and after missing almost an entire season with the Spurs, he has given the Raptors new life and new hopes to reach the NBA Finals.

Toronto Raptors

3. Indiana Pacers (25-12) – The Pacers have now stabilized under the leadership of Victor Oladipo who has consistently played at an extremely high level throughout last season and also has started strong this season.

4. Philadelphia 76ers (24-14) – Thee tandem of Embiid, Simmons and Butler looks god right now but the personalities are so different that they may implode soon if not taken care of.

Philadelphia 76ers

5. Boston Celtics (21-15) – The Celtics have not been as good as they were last season and the law of averages seems to have caught up with them as they have struggled against the big teams even in the East.

Boston Celtics

6. Charlotte Hornets (18-18) – Kemba Walker is almost surely going to be an All-Star as he has single handedly led the Hornets to the 6th seed and looks on pace to make the playoffs easily.

Charlotte Hornets

7. Miami Heat (17-18) – Miami is struggling with the concept of losing Wade forever and seem to have taken their eye off the ball to start the season as they are the first team in the standings below 0.500.

Miami Heat

8. Detroit Pistons (16-19) – Blake Griffin has always struggled on the big stage which was one of the major reasons that the Clippers traded him and now that he is the alpha of the team, he is struggling again as the Pistons have just nosed ahead and sit with the last playoff spot.

Detroit Pistons

9. Brooklyn Nets (17-21) – DeAngelo Russell and the Nets have started making a lot of threes which have offset their terrible performance otherwise and sit in 9th spot but will fall to 10 as soon as the Magic win.

Brooklyn Nets

10. Orlando Magic (16-20) – Aaron Gordon looks good in the dunk contest only as he continues to struggle in game and Payton injury means that the Magic are nowhere close to the playoff spots.

Orlando Magic

11. Washington Wizards (14-23) – Arguably the biggest bust of this season, Wall and Beal don’t seem to have the same chemistry that they had in the recent years as the franchise struggles to manage the contracts as Beal looks set to leave.

Washington Wizards

12. Atlanta Hawks (11-25) – Hawks have consistently been around this very spot for years: Better than the last seed but never good enough to even enter the top 10 in the East let alone a playoff spot.

Atlanta Hawks

13. Chicago Bulls (10-27) – It literally hurts my eyes to see the franchise that MJ built, getting destroyed by itself. Pathetic.

Chicago Bulls

14. New York Knicks (9-29) – Porzingis injury means that New York sports is not going to be mentioned anywhere in the sports world. AGAIN.

New York Knicks

15. Cleveland Cavaliers (8-29) – Losing Lebron has left the Cavs in a shock as they sit dead last in the NBA.

Cleveland Cavaliers

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