Previously on Star Guardian Recap of the Story So Far…

In the inception, the universe and all life were birthed by the First Star. To safeguard its creations and ensure the eternal cycle of life, the First Star entrusted individuals of unyielding determination and purity of heart with fragments of its essence – the radiant starlight. These chosen guardians, throughout ages, became the protectors of the universe.

Amid the daylight hours, they navigate the complexities of high school life, grappling with stress, drama, and emotional turmoil. When night falls, they stand against malevolent forces that seek to engulf the world in darkness. Unified, they seek solace in the strength of their camaraderie, striving to overcome uncertainties lest they succumb to despair and obscurity. They are the embodiment of Star Guardians.

Radiant and formidable, these Star Guardians are celestial supernovas, extinguishing the galaxy’s horrors with their remarkable abilities. Nevertheless, their extraordinary existence comes at a price: they are tethered to the First Star’s mission and must persist in their fight until their demise or surrender.

The Era Before Illumination

Before Lux, the Guardian we initially encountered, there existed others. On a desolate moon, far removed from the lights of Valoran City, a squad composed of Ahri, Miss Fortune, Xayah, Rakan, and Neeko endeavored to thwart Zoe, a former Guardian turned ruthless nemesis known as the Twilight Star. Although they displayed unwavering bravery, their mission ended in catastrophe.

Xayah and Rakan met their demise, only to be later revived through Zoe’s dark influence, with Neeko presumed to have met a similar fate.

Their losses were profound, and their wounds ran deep. The Star Guardians’ conviction was shaken. Ahri and Miss Fortune emerged from this ordeal marked by scars, yet their purpose remained steadfast: to perish defending the light. One defeat would not vanquish their determination, leading them to assemble a new team of “orphaned” Guardians.

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