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13-year-old German Gmnast readies for Special Olympics

German Gmnast

13-year-old Annabelle, who has Down’s syndrome, is competing against over 100 gymnasts

at the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin

(Markus Tschech-Loeffler, Annabelle’s father)

“There are so many factors and pieces of the mosaic, that’s how it begins. And where she is standing or running now. It has to be said that even though there is also a family influence, it’s also something she was born with. And the fact that she does gymnastics at all today – the World Games – is still incomprehensible to us, that she is standing there.”

Thousands of athletes with intellectual disabilities compete together

in 26 sports over nine days

(Mary Tschech-Loeffler, Annabelle’s mother)

“All the external influences are definitely a challenge.”

(Markus Tschech-Loeffler, Annabelle’s father)

“Yes. And when they say ‘now it’s your turn, look, now would be your competition’, that she could really say she has done her best there. Or at least that she goes her way and says ‘no, I will do it now and give it my best’. So, whatever place, that would already be a success to be able to say ‘okay, that was great’.”

Source:- Reuter

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