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Netherlands Wins, Greece Qualifies in Water Polo Euros


Netherlands secures its sixth European title in women’s water polo with a last-gasp goal from Bente Rogge, defeating Spain 8-7. Greece secures the European Olympic Games qualification berth with a 7-6 victory over Italy in the bronze-medal final. The bronze-medal match winner also earned the European Olympic berth. Despite Spain leading 2-0 early, the Netherlands dominated, leading 5-3 at halftime and 6-5 at the final break. Rogge’s last-minute goal secured the historic sixth European title for the Netherlands. Greece led the bronze-medal match against Italy throughout, winning 7-6 and securing the Olympic qualification berth.

In Fukuoka, Japan, last year, the Netherlands defeated Spain in a penalty shootout (17-16). The latest victory adds to Netherlands’ impressive record, making it their sixth European title, the first since 2018. Spain, the winner of the last two editions, settled for silver. The bronze-medal final, crucial for Olympic qualification, saw Greece leading against Italy, winning 7-6. Despite Italy’s attempts to draw level, Greece secured the victory with a goal from Nikoleta Eleftheriadou.

The article also highlights the performance of individual players, including Rita Keszthelyi from Hungary, who scored six goals against France, lifting her to the top of the individual scoring ladder. France qualified for Doha behind Greece, earning a spot ahead of Great Britain. Great Britain’s 11-9 triumph over Croatia for seventh place marks a significant achievement, qualifying the nation for Doha. Israel faced challenges after Alma Yaacobi’s red card, losing to France and going to penalties against Great Britain. Israel ultimately secured ninth place by defeating Serbia.

The disappointment level rises for teams finishing lower in the standings, with Serbia and Israel facing missed opportunities. The article also mentions Germany and the Czech Republic finishing second in their lower groups. Germany’s Belen Vosseberg stood out with five goals in the last match and 21 for the week, tying for the highest individual goal tally. Turkiya claimed 13th position by defeating Romania, while Slovakia secured 15th place by beating Bulgaria.

The focus is on the success of the Netherlands in clinching the European title and Greece securing the Olympic qualification berth. Individual performances and team achievements contribute to the overall narrative of the European Championships in women’s water polo, emphasizing the significance of each match in determining rankings and Olympic qualification.

Overall, the article captures the key moments, outcomes, and standout performances from the European Championships in women’s water polo, providing a comprehensive overview of the competition.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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