UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers Schedule, Teams and Fixtures

UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers Schedule, Team Standings, Format and Fixtures

The UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers are on the anvil and generating huge interest amongst fans. The European Qualifiers will be going on till the 19th of November, 2019. Here’s taking a look at some of the exciting fixtures that you can still catch up on.

UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers- Fixtures

Note- All matches will start at CET 20:45.

Thursday 14th November

Group A: England v Montenegro, Czech Republic v Kosovo
Group B: Portugal v Lithuania, Serbia v Luxembourg
Group H: Turkey v Iceland (18:00), France v Moldova, Albania v Andorra

Friday 15th November

Group D: Switzerland v Georgia, Denmark v Gibraltar
Group F: Spain v Malta, Romania v Sweden, Norway v Faroe Islands (18:00)
Group J
: Armenia v Greece (18:00), Finland v Liechtenstein (18:00), Bosnia and Herzegovina v Italy

Saturday 16th November

Group C: Germany v Belarus, Northern Ireland v Netherlands
Group E: Azerbaijan v Wales (18:00), Croatia v Slovakia
Group G: Slovenia v Latvia (18:00), Israel v Poland, Austria v North Macedonia
Group I: Cyprus v Scotland (15:00), Russia v Belgium (18:00), San Marino v Kazakhstan (18:00)

Sunday 17th November

Group A: Kosovo v England (18:00), Bulgaria v Czech Republic (18:00)
Group B: Luxembourg v Portugal (15:00), Serbia v Ukraine (15:00)
Group H: Albania v France, Moldova v Iceland, Andorra v Turkey

Monday 18th November

Group D: Gibraltar v Switzerland, Republic of Ireland v Denmark
Group F: Spain v Romania, Sweden v Faroe Islands, Malta v Norway
Group J: Italy v Armenia, Liechtenstein v Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece v Finland

Tuesday 19th November

Group C: Germany v Northern Ireland, Netherlands v Estonia
Group E: Wales v Hungary, Slovakia v Azerbaijan
Group G: Poland v Slovenia, Latvia v Austria, North Macedonia v Israel
Group I: Belgium v Cyprus, San Marino v Russia, Scotland v Kazakhstan

Results Till Now- UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers

Thursday 21st March

Group C: Netherlands 4-0 Belarus, Northern Ireland 2-0 Estonia
Group E: Croatia 2-1 Azerbaijan, Slovakia 2-0 Hungary
Group G: Austria 0-1 Poland, North Macedonia 3-1 Latvia, Israel 1-1 Slovenia
Group I: Belgium 3-1 Russia, Kazakhstan 3-0 Scotland, Cyprus 5-0 San Marino

Friday 22nd March

Group A: England 5-0 Czech Republic, Bulgaria 1-1 Montenegro
Group B: Portugal 0-0 Ukraine, Luxembourg 2-1 Lithuania
Group H: Moldova 1-4 France, Andorra 0-2 Iceland, Albania 0-2 Turkey

Saturday 23rd March

Group D: Georgia 0-2 Switzerland, Gibraltar 0-1 Republic of Ireland
Group F: Spain 2-1 Norway, Sweden 2-1 Romania, Malta 2-1 Faroe Islands
Group J: Italy 2-0 Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-1 Armenia, Liechtenstein 0-2 Greece

Sunday 24th March

Group C: Netherlands 2-3 Germany, Northern Ireland 2-1 Belarus
Group E: Wales 1-0 Slovakia, Hungary 2-1 Croatia
Group G: Israel 4-2 Austria, Poland 2-0 Latvia, Slovenia 1-1 North Macedonia
Group I: Kazakhstan 0-4 Russia, San Marino 0-2 Scotland, Cyprus 0-2 Belgium

Monday 25th March

Group A: Montenegro 1-5 England, Kosovo 1-1 Bulgaria
Group B: Portugal 1-1 Serbia, Luxembourg 1-2 Ukraine
Group H: Turkey 4-0 Moldova, France 4-0 Iceland, Andorra 0-3 Albania

Tuesday 26th March

Group D: Switzerland 3-3 Denmark, Republic of Ireland 1-0 Georgia
Group F: Malta 0-2 Spain, Norway 3-3 Sweden, Romania 4-1 Faroe Islands
Group J: Armenia 0-2 Finland, Italy 6-0 Liechtenstein, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-2 Greece

Friday 7th June

Group A: Czech Republic 2-1 Bulgaria, Montenegro 1-1 Kosovo
Group B: Ukraine 5-0 Serbia, Lithuania 1-1 Luxembourg
Group D: Georgia 3-0 Gibraltar, Denmark 1-1 Republic of Ireland
Group F: Faroe Islands 1-4 Spain, Sweden 3-0 Malta, Norway 2-2 Romania
Group G: North Macedonia 0-1 Poland, Austria 1-0 Slovenia, Latvia 0-3 Israel

Saturday 8th June

Group C: Estonia 1-2 Northern Ireland, Belarus 0-2 Germany
Group E: Croatia 2-1 Wales, Azerbaijan 1-3 Hungary
Group H: Iceland 1-0 Albania, Moldova 1-0 Andorra, Turkey 2-0 France
Group I: Russia 9-0 San Marino, Belgium 3-0 Kazakhstan, Scotland 2-1 Cyprus
Group J: Finland 2-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia 3-0 Liechtenstein, Greece 0-3 Italy

Monday 10th June

Group A: Czech Republic 3-0 Montenegro, Bulgaria 2-3 Kosovo
Group B: Ukraine 1-0 Luxembourg, Serbia 4-1 Lithuania
Group D: Denmark 5-1 Georgia, Republic of Ireland 2-0 Gibraltar
Group F: Spain 3-0 Sweden, Malta 0-4 Romania, Faroe Islands 0-2 Norway
Group G: Poland 4-0 Israel, North Macedonia 1-4 Austria, Latvia 0-5 Slovenia

Tuesday 11th June

Group C: Germany 8-0 Estonia, Belarus 0-1 Northern Ireland
Group E: Azerbaijan 1-5 Slovakia, Hungary 1-0 Wales
Group H: Andorra 0-4 France, Iceland 2-1 Turkey, Albania 2-0 Moldova
Group I: Kazakhstan 4-0 San Marino, Belgium 3-0 Scotland, Russia 1-0 Cyprus
Group J: Italy 2-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece 2-3 Armenia, Liechtenstein 0-2 Finland

Thursday 5th September

Group D: Republic of Ireland 1-1 Switzerland, Gibraltar 0-6 Denmark
Group F: Romania 1-2 Spain, Norway 2-0 Malta, Faroe Islands 0-4 Sweden
Group G: Israel 1-1 North Macedonia
Group J: Armenia 1-3 Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina 5-0 Liechtenstein, Finland 1-0 Greece

Friday 6thSeptember

Group C: Germany 2-4 Netherlands, Estonia 1-2 Belarus
Group E: Slovakia 0-4 Croatia, Wales 2-1 Azerbaijan
Group G: Slovenia 2-0 Poland, Austria 6-0 Latvia
Group I: San Marino 0-4 Belgium, Scotland 1-2 Russia, Cyprus 1-1 Kazakhstan

Saturday 7th September

Group A: Kosovo 2-1 Czech Republic, England 4-0 Bulgaria
Group B: Lithuania 0-3 Ukraine, Serbia 2-4 Portugal
Group H: Iceland 3-0 Moldova, France 4-1 Albania, Turkey 1-0 Andorra

Sunday 8th September

Group D: Switzerland 4-0 Gibraltar, Georgia 0-0 Denmark
Group F
: Spain 4-0 Faroe Islands, Romania 1-0 Malta, Sweden 1-1 Norway
Group J: Armenia 4-2 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland 1-2 Italy, Greece 1-1 Liechtenstein

Monday 9th September

Group C: Northern Ireland 0-2 Germany, Estonia 0-4 Netherlands
Group E: Azerbaijan 1-1 Croatia, Hungary 1-2 Slovakia
Group G: Poland 0-0 Austria, Slovenia 3-2 Israel, Latvia 0-2 North Macedonia
Group I: Scotland 0-4 Belgium, Russia 1-0 Kazakhstan, San Marino 0-4 Cyprus

Tuesday 10th September

Group A: England 5-3 Kosovo, Montenegro 0-3 Czech Republic
Group B: Lithuania 1-5 Portugal, Luxembourg 1-3 Serbia
Group H: France 3-0 Andorra, Albania 4-2 Iceland, Moldova 0-4 Turkey

Thursday 10th October

Group C: Netherlands 3-1 Northern Ireland, Belarus 0-0 Estonia
Group E: Croatia 3-0 Hungary, Slovakia 1-1 Wales
Group G: Latvia 0-3 Poland, Austria 3-1 Israel, North Macedonia 2-0 Slovenia
Group I: Kazakhstan 1-2 Cyprus, Belgium 9-0 San Marino, Russia 4-0 Scotland

Friday 11th October

Group A: Czech Republic 2-1 England, Montenegro 0-0 Bulgaria
Group B: Portugal 3-0 Luxembourg, Ukraine 2-0 Lithuania
Group H: Iceland 0-1 France, Turkey 1-0 Albania, Andorra 1-0 Moldova

Saturday 12th October

Group D: Georgia 0-0 Republic of Ireland, Denmark 1-0 Switzerland
Group F: Faroe Islands 0-3 Romania, Norway 1-1 Spain, Malta 0-4 Sweden
Group J: Bosnia and Herzegovina 4-1 Finland, Italy 2-0 Greece, Liechtenstein 1-1 Armenia

Sunday 13th October

Group C: Belarus 1-2 Netherlands, Estonia 0-3 Germany
Group E: Hungary 1-0 Azerbaijan, Wales 1-1 Croatia
Group G: Poland 2-0 North Macedonia, Slovenia 0-1 Austria
Group I: Kazakhstan 0-2 Belgium, Cyprus 0-5 Russia, Scotland 6-0 San Marino

Monday 14th October

Group A: Bulgaria 0-6 England, Kosovo 2-0 Montenegro
Group B: Ukraine 2-1 Portugal, Lithuania 1-2 Serbia
Group H: France 1-1 Turkey, Iceland 2-0 Andorra, Moldova 0-4 Albania

Tuesday 15th October

Group D: Switzerland 2-0 Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar 2-3 Georgia
Group F: Sweden 1-1 Spain, Romania 1-1 Norway, Faroe Islands 1-0 Malta
Group G: Israel 3-1 Latvia
Group J: Liechtenstein 0-5 Italy, Greece 2-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland 3-0 Armenia

UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers- Format

All 16 UEFA Nations League winners (group stage) will be guaranteed a minimum of a UEFA Euro 2020 play-off spot. However, the specific positions will be determined on the basis of performance during the Euro 2020 Qualifiers. All 55 member associations including the 16 UEFA Nations League group winners will get the opportunity for qualifying directly for the Euro 2020 held by UEFA.

The two top-placed teams in every group will get direct entry into the tournament. The play-offs will determine four positions for the tournament. The four group winners, in theory at least, will be contesting the separate play-offs in every League.

Here are the group winners-

League A: England, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland
League B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine
League C: Finland, Norway, Scotland, Serbia
League D: Belarus, North Macedonia, Georgia, Kosovo

The play-offs will be held post March 2020 after the qualifiers are concluded. The play-off slots for any UEFA Nations League group winner who qualifies via these qualifiers will be given to the team which is ranked as the next best in the particular League. Rankings of teams are between 1-55 based on their group position, goal difference, points scored and goals scored. In case a league does not have four competing teams, the remainder of the positions will be given to teams from a separate league on the basis of UEFA Nations League rankings.

Group winners, however, cannot be positioned in a play-off group with teams who come from a Higher League. A play-off group should thus have a minimum of one group winner and in case there are not enough teams from the same league, the remainder spots will be given to teams competing in a lower league. The highest-ranked team for every path will be playing the fourth ranked team and the second and third placed nations will be playing the second semi-final match. These will be knockout matches (single-leg) and the highest ranked teams will be hosting semi-finals. The host for every play-off (each path) will be drawn on the 22nd of November, 2019.

The Finals were held last year in Portugal and will be held separately. In spite of being the winners, Portugal will not automatically qualify for Euro 2020.

UEFA Euro 2020 Major Dates to Note

In the context of the play-offs, here are the key dates worth noting:

22/11/2019: European Qualifiers play-off draw
30/11/2019: UEFA EURO 2020 final tournament draw
26/03/2020: European Qualifiers play-off semi-finals
31/03/2020: European Qualifiers play-off finals
01/04/2020: Additional final tournament draw if required
12/06/2020: Opening game, Olimpico in Rome
12/07/2020: Final, Wembley Stadium (London)

UEFA Euro 2020 Current Standings

Here are the teams that will be taking part in the play-offs. The ones which have been marked in bold have already been confirmed for a spot.

Path A: Switzerland, Iceland, Bulgaria/Israel/Romania*
Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Wales, Slovakia, Northern Ireland
Path C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria/Israel/Romania*
Path D: Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus

Note- A draw will be deciding the team filling up Path C’s vacant position from Bulgaria, Romania or Israel in the present situation and also which two teams will be moving into Path A.

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UEFA Euro 2020 Confirmed Teams


Group I performance- Played 8 matches, won 8 matches

Top scorer- Romelu Lukaku (6 goals)

Best in UEFA Euro- Runners-up in 1980

UEFA Euro 2016- Quarter-finalist, lost 3-1 to Wales

Coach- Roberto Martinez

Player to Watch- Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Youri Tielemans


Performance in Group J- Played 8 matches, won 8 matches

Top Scorer- Andrea Belotti (4 goals)

Best in UEFA Euro- Winners in 1968

UEFA Euro 2016- Quarter-finalist, lost on penalties to Germany

Coach- Roberto Mancini

Player to Watch- Gianluigi Donnarumma, Marco Verratti


Performance in Group G- Played 8 matches, lost 1, won 6 and drew 1

Top scorer- Robert Lewandowski (5 goals)

Best in UEFA Euro- Quarter-finalist in 2016

UEFA Euro 2016- Quarter-finalist, lost on penalties to Portugal

Coach- Jerzy Brzeczek

Player to Watch- Krzysztof Piatek, Robert Lewandowski


Performance in Group I- Played 8 matches, won 7, lost 1

Top scorer- Artem Dzyuba (9 goals)

Best in UEFA Euro- Winners in 1960 (USSR), semi-finalist in 2008

UEFA Euro 2016- Eliminated in group stage

Coach- Stanislav Cherchesov

Player to Watch- Artem Dzyuba, Dmitri Barinov


Performance in Group F- Played 8, drew 2, won 6

Top scorer- Rodrigo and Sergio Ramos (4 goals each)

Best in UEFA Euro- Winners in 1964, 2008 and 2012

UEFA Euro 2016- Lost in round of 16 to Italy (2-0)

Coach- Robert Moreno

Player to Watch- Sergio Ramos, Fabian Ruiz


Performance in Group A- Played 7 matches, won 6, drew 1

Top scorer- Ruslan Malinovskyi, Viktor Tsygankov, Roman Yaremchuk (3 goals each)

Best in UEFA Euro- Group Stage in 2012 and 2016

UEFA Euro 2016- Eliminated in group stage

Coach- Andriy Shevchenko

Player to Watch- Andriy Yarmolenko, Viktor Tsygankov

The UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers are heating up and now that you know the fixtures, format and standings, you must be raring to catch the action live! This round of qualifiers promises to be a treat with several big teams in the fray.

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