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Bundesliga Best: Vote for the 2023 Goal of the Year!


As 2023 draws to a close, the Bundesliga invites fans to relive the magic with a selection of the top 15 goals of the year. Harry Kane, Xavi Simons, Marco Reus, and other football maestros have left an indelible mark on the league, but the question remains: which goal deserves the prestigious title of Bundesliga Goal of the Year?

Out of the 997 goals gracing Bundesliga stadiums in the 2023 calendar year, bundesliga.com has meticulously curated a list of 15 standout strikes. Now, it’s the fans’ turn to cast their votes and determine the Goal of the Year. From long-range stunners to sublime set-piece deliveries, the options are as diverse as the talents on display.

The Contenders:

Goal 1: Harry Kane – The Long-Range Marvel

In Bayern’s resounding 8-0 victory over Darmstadt, Harry Kane not only secured a hat-trick but also unleashed a goal from nearly 60 yards (54.8m), a testament to his extraordinary skill and audacity.

Goal 2: Marco Reus – Free-Kick Mastery

Marco Reus showcased his set-piece prowess with a direct free-kick that sailed over the Hertha Berlin wall and nestled into the top right-hand corner, leaving fans in awe of his precision.

Goal 3: Xavi Simons – Capitalizing on Elegance

Xavi Simons, making waves in his debut Bundesliga season, contributed a sublime goal in September, placing the ball with finesse into the top right-hand corner during Leipzig’s triumph in the capital.

Goal 4: Matthijs de Ligt – Defender Turned Marksman

Defying the conventional perception of defenders, Matthijs de Ligt delivered a venomous strike from outside the area against Freiburg in April, showcasing his attacking prowess.

Goal 5: Harry Kane II – Slick Finish with Sané’s Assist

Leroy Sané’s assist set the stage for another Harry Kane contender, this time a curled effort from just inside the box during Bayern’s victory over Heidenheim in November.

Goal 6: Alejandro Grimaldo – Allianz Arena Stunner

Bayer Leverkusen’s Alejandro Grimaldo stunned the Allianz Arena in September with a set-piece masterclass, securing a draw against formidable opponents.

Goal 7: Nico Schlotterbeck – Defensive Marvel

Defensive stalwart Nico Schlotterbeck showcased his attacking prowess with a rocket of a goal, helping Dortmund secure a victory over Union in October.

Cast Your Vote:

Fans can witness the brilliance of these goals in the accompanying video and cast their votes for the Goal of the Year at the bottom of the page. As the Bundesliga celebrates a year filled with spectacular moments, the choice for the most outstanding goal lies in the hands of the passionate football community.

In conclusion, the Goal of the Year competition encapsulates the essence of Bundesliga football, showcasing the diversity and brilliance of its players. As fans cast their votes, they contribute to the legacy of memorable goals that define the beauty of German football.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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