Felix Sanchez appointed as Qatari Football Team Coach for Tokyo 2020

Felix Sanchez appointed as Qatari Football Team Coach for Tokyo 2020

Controlled by the Qatar Football association, the Qatar national football team is the country’s pride. The team is seen representing Qatar in International football tournaments. In 2019, the team won when they appeared in the Asian Cup tournaments. The Qatar national under-23 football team which is also known as the Qatar Olympics team represents the country in the summer Olympics. In comparison to the other neighbours in the region, Qatar seems to have a good record in the Olympic football matches. From their debut under Evaristo De Macedo the group has been showing excellent performance and even went onto the final qualifications round. The Olympic football teams have a peculiar requirement. The players can be allowed to play on the field only if they were under the age of 23. Only three payers can be allowed to play, who can be over the age of 23.

Born on the 13th of December, 1975, the Spanish football manager Felix Sanchez Bas has been appointed as in Charge of the Qatar National Football team at present. In his early career life, he was the youth coach of FC Barcelona. Later it is moved to Qatar and in the year 2006 he joined the Aspire Academy. In the coming years, his life took a different turn. And in the year 2013 he was put in charge of the Qatar under 19 side. Under his guidance the team won the AFC U-19 championship the next year in 2014. 2017 was a huge change to the senior team, when this Spanish coach replaced Jorge Fossati and became the coach of the senior side. The Spaniard has been in close relations with many of the players in the present squad due to his long coaching career, all throughout which he spent coaching teams in Qatar at the Aspire Academy.

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The national football team coach was given the additional charge of looking out for an Olympic national team. He will be replacing Albert Fernandez and be appointed as the in-charge of the Olympic team. This responsibility will be in addition to his older position that he holds in the senior national team.  Felix Sanchez Bas also led the Qatar team in the AFC Asian Cup title for the very first time in the 2019 edition of the tournament. In this tournament the team ended up winning all of the three group matches and not just that. They even won the knockout stage matches which include a historic win over Japan in the finals with a winning score of 3-1.

With so many good matches played under the Spanish coach’s guidance the Qatari football fans are looking forward to a great match season full of new things to watch. The whole senior team seems to have very good relations with the coach and we can expect the same to happen with the Qatar Olympic team as well. The whole country expects him to fulfil his duties and support the team as well as he has done before and we can expect the national team to perform well this season.

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