Analyzed: Examining the Multi-Faceted Contribution of Jackson to Chelsea’s Attack


As the commencement of the Premier League season draws near, Chelsea supporters eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness several fresh and promising faces in competitive action for the first time.

Among these newcomers is Nicolas Jackson. The Senegal international made the move from Villarreal at the conclusion of June and showcased his remarkable skills during our pre-season tour of the USA.

Through the assistance of Opta data extracted from our trio of Summer Series encounters against fellow Premier League contenders, we delve deeper into the attributes that Jackson can introduce to Mauricio Pochettino’s team once the official matches commence.

Jackson’s Performance Metrics Across 120 Minutes of Summer Series Football
Jackson’s Performance Metrics Across 120 Minutes of Summer Series Football
Dynamic Mobility
Jackson’s gameplay in the United States drew particular attention due to his dynamic movement, whether in possession of the ball or without it.

The striker exhibited a dual-pronged threat to opposing defenders. Not only did he possess the speed to make runs behind the defensive line, as evident in his clinical finishes against both Brighton and Newcastle, but Jackson also demonstrated a willingness to drop deeper.

This strategic maneuver allowed him to hold the ball, facilitate our team’s play, and consequently enable his teammates to advance further up the field.

A glance at his touch map during the 45 minutes he played against Newcastle reveals his active involvement in central positions, attracting defenders to himself and collaborating with our diverse range of wide options to construct offensive moves.

jackson chelsea newcastle touchmap

Jackson’s tactical influence extends beyond the central areas. As seen in the heat map below from the Brighton match, he adeptly shifted wide to create numerical advantages in attack. Additionally, he initiated pressing sequences when Brighton’s defense was in possession.

Despite being on the pitch for only half an hour, Jackson made a profound impact, tallying a goal and two assists.

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