7.34 Gameplay Update Unveiled

In response to last night’s unconventional and downright absurd emoji-filled patchnote leak, we’ve decided to veer from our original plan of releasing version 7.34 this upcoming Thursday. Instead, we’re delivering it today – yes, at this very moment, as you read these words.

In case you missed the emoji fiasco or, perhaps, belong to the rare breed of individuals who have yet to acquaint themselves with the cinematic masterpiece that is The Emoji Movie, we invite you to delve into the complete list of notes for the 7.34 Gameplay Update here.

Beyond the gameplay alterations, we’ve taken the time to revamp Captains Mode, ushering in a fresh new structure for forthcoming tournament drafts.

As announced back in June, we’ve been hard at work concocting some delightful surprises to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Dota 2’s official release. The good news is that it’s almost ready to unveil! The not-so-good news is that it isn’t quite ready TODAY. However, keep those party hats within arm’s reach and your pitchforks poised for a potential celebration. We’re aiming to roll it out imminently – very imminently, as a matter of fact.

Lastly, in the past few days, we’ve tackled a handful of additional gameplay glitches that weren’t covered in the previous patchnotes. For the sake of thoroughness, we present them here:

Addressed the issue of Beastmaster Wild Axes revealing the center of the map
Corrected another avenue leading to the Earth Spirit Stone Remnants crash
Rectified the inaccurate damage calculation for Keeper of the Light Illuminate when casting a second Illuminate while the first is still en route
Fixed Silencer Glaives of Wisdom’s inability to steal temporary Intelligence from Meepo clones or Arc Warden Tempest Double
Resolved the anomaly of Wards being capable of movement after spawning
Fixed Watchers continuing to appear as disabled even after becoming capturable, especially when this occurs within the realm of fog of war
Attended to a range of particle and visual effects issues, including the reinstatement of missing feet FX for Terrorblade’s arcana and Lina’s Immortal Laguna Blade FX, among others

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