Zverev Reflects on French Open Defeat


Alexander Zverev expressed deep disappointment following his loss to Carlos Alcaraz in the French Open final, acknowledging Alcaraz’s deserving victory. Zverev, who previously faltered in the 2020 US Open final after leading by two sets, believed he gave his best effort in this Grand Slam showdown.

“I felt like I left everything on the court in this Grand Slam final,” said Zverev, contrasting it with his loss in New York four years ago where he felt he squandered the opportunity.

Before the Roland Garros final, Zverev had resolved a legal matter in Germany involving allegations of domestic abuse, and entered the match on a 12-match winning streak after triumphing in Rome. Despite rallying from a 5-2 deficit to claim the third set, putting him within reach of victory, Zverev could not sustain his momentum.

Alcaraz, at 21 years old, secured his third career title and became the youngest man to win Grand Slams on clay, grass, and hard courts. Zverev acknowledged Alcaraz’s exceptional performance in the fourth and fifth sets, describing his opponent’s intensity and skill as remarkable.

Reflecting on a critical moment in the fifth set where an umpire’s overruling decision favored Alcaraz, Zverev admitted it impacted the match significantly. Despite the frustration, he acknowledged human errors happen and accepted the umpire’s decision.

Zverev concluded by emphasizing the challenges of competitive tennis and the mental resilience required to navigate such moments.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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