WWE Superstars troll Khabib Nurmagomedov after his dig at WWE

Yesterday, UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov was teasing an offer from WWE as he tweeted that he has an offer on the table from the company as his future with UFC looks uncertain after what happened following his much-anticipated bout against Conor McGregor for the UFC Lightweight Championship last weekend.

After beating the Irishman, Khabib jumped out of the octagon to confront Dillion Danis and was involved in a mass brawl. His team members, on the other hand, were inside the cage and attacked McGregor inside the Octogen. Following this, both the fighters were punished and were suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission as they investigate the shocking incident and Khabib has already teased an entry into pro-wrestling.

He used a hashtag that said fake fights and it didn't go well with the pro-wrestling fraternity as a few current and former WWE Superstars took a dig at the Russian for his comments. '@WWE ask me to jump inside. What do you think guys? #SmashLesnar #FakeFights,' Khabib posted on Twitter.

It was started by the acting General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Baron Corbin, who compared the weights of Khabib and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy.

Corbin pointed out that Khabib (weighing at 154 lbs) is as many as 50 lbs (22 Kilos) lighter than Murphy, who weighs 203 lbs. 'The #205live champ @WWE_Murphy has you by 50lbs, I’m just sayin,' Corbin posted on the microblogging site.

205 Live's latest acquisition Mike Kannelis joined the party as he is already excited to kick out of Khabib's finisher, which is not yet known to him. He tweeted, 'What’s your finisher? I can’t wait to kick out of it. #wwe @WWE'

Former WWE Tag Team champion and future Hall of Famer Bubba Rey Dudley took a dig at the UFC Lightweight Champion as he referred him as an enhancement talent who could be used in 205 Live. '205 Live could use some enhancement talent,' he posted on Twitter.



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