What Tennis Training Aids Equipment is Best for Practice

Tennis is not an easy game; however, many tools can make it a bit less difficult. In this article, you will learn about a few training equipment that can help you in a game of tennis.

Examples of such pieces of equipment are known to assist with several challenges while playing. Some of these challenges include things like volleys, grips, footwork, serves, and groundstrokes.

It is not necessary to have all these devices, as they might not all contribute to helping you play better. It will be more useful to children learning to play, especially as a coach who wants his students to catch up fast.

In this article, you will learn about some of these tennis training aids and devices, who can use them, and how they can help you become a better player. This article is to let you know the best ones out there.

The first we will cover is:

The Topspin Pro

If you a beginner or an intermediate tennis player, and you want to know what the right angle your racket must be when you want to hit a tennis ball, then you need to get a topspin pro.

A topspin pro will make your stroke better, keep your ball within the court, and make you play like a pro. If you can train with this device, you do not need to learn any technical move.


This device does not need any experience, and any age group can use it. Although it can be a little bit hard to learn, this device can help a player immediately know when his ball spins to the front, to the back, or does not spin at all. This is unlike when they are taught to play without it and do not know.

It is suitable for slice backhand, slice-serve, and topspin too, and not just for groundstrokes. You can adjust it for anyone to use irrespective of height.

It is a long-lasting device and can take a whole lot of beating. It is, however, a big piece of equipment and quite heavy to drag along for practice. You do not have to move it around if your court is safe, or you could just set it up at home and train. Practicing between 5 to 10 minutes for some days will make you get the best out of this equipment. Otherwise, it could get boring. You do not have to practice for long hours. We advise coaches to use the same approach with their students too, maybe a 5 minutes front hand and another 5 for backhand.

The Tennis Donut Set of 6 Rings

This device will improve your stamina on the court and help learn different footwork movements when playing tennis. It is better for kids and young players.

If used purposefully, you will commit plenty of footwork patterns to memory, and that is a necessary skill to be a pro. It will also improve your groundstrokes, even though it is a simple device.


They can be bought on Amazon and can be used to teach advanced footwork patterns to young players. You need to have had a little footwork skill for it to help you play better.

It comes as a set of six pieces and a pair of each color in the pack; red, yellow, and green, and so you can use it for groups of students per time. Coaches can also choose between the 15in diameter and the 21in diameter, depending on the age of their pupils.

The rings are not slippery, and can you can use them on the ground. They are perfect tools for learning some footwork. The only but to this tool is that a user has to know the footwork pattern before using it.

Tennis Serve Doctor

This device helps a player know where to throw and hit a served ball. It is suitable for kids and young players, especially those who have not yet perfected their overhead serve.

It works visually by providing a cue to when a ball should be tossed and struck when serving. So it is perfect for beginners.

The beauty of a serve is when a player can toss the ball and hit it at the right point. Otherwise, it would not work. And that is what this device helps to achieve, as well as improve your overhead.


It has an adjustable height that allows a coach to hold at the right hitting height for various students so that kids can serve and strike all within the court.

A minimum of 15 minutes on this device, and you can allow your students to play on their own. You would notice an improvement in their hitting and tossing ability.

As simple as this device is, it does the job well. However, you cannot use it alone as someone needs to hold it in place for the player, which can be tiring when you hold it for long. Still, it is useful when training young players. It also can be used for improving one’s groundstrokes. 

The Tennis Swing Wrist Training Aid

This device helps your wrist to have the 90º flow, a firm fluid groundstroke, and volleys. Intermediate to beginner players can use it. With this device, you would learn how to hit like a pro, as it teaches your wrist muscles to improve its shots ability while maintaining the 90º position.

If you are not able to hit at the 90º position, you cannot improve your volley and groundstroke, and if you cannot do these, you are not playing like a pro. 


If you can afford this device and it works for you, you will agree that it is worth every penny. Even though you cannot use it to play a match because it cannot hit slices or serve with it.

However, with much practice, you will get the best out of this device. You can use it to perfect your volleys, forehand, and backhand. The downside of this device is the complaint by some users on amazon about it not fitting well or slipping off during use. It is not always the case, so it is still a fair device for players having difficulty holding their wrists in the 90º position.

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