Weinstein and Beck Shine in Aquatics Cup


The women’s 10K at the final stage of the 2023 World Aquatics Swimming World Cup witnessed the spectacular dominance of American 16-year-old Claire Weinstein. Taking charge on lap five, Weinstein surged ahead, leaving competitors in her wake, ultimately clinching victory at 1:56:54.30. Hungary’s Bettina Fabian secured second place (1:58:07.50). In contrast to the men’s race, Weinstein enjoyed a solo finish, displaying remarkable prowess in challenging conditions. Reflecting on her performance, Weinstein expressed satisfaction with her second international open water race, navigating wavy waters with confidence. She strategically stayed at the front, emphasizing her preference for maintaining position rather than starting from the back.

The battle for third place intensified, with France’s Oceane Cassignol (1:58:09.50) securing the position amid fierce competition. Notably, swimmers like Mariah Denigan (1:58:09.70) and Katie Grimes (1:58:09.90) from the United States, along with Australia’s Chelsea Gubecka (1:58:10.30) and Germany’s Leonie Beck (1:58:11.00), engaged in a lead skirmish. Beck and Gubecka, having earned medals at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships, secured spots for the 2024 Olympics.

Leonie Beck’s triumph extended beyond the race, as she edged past Sharon van Rouwendaal by one-tenth of a second to claim the overall title with 2140 points. Beck’s remarkable achievement makes her the first German woman to win the overall series title since Angela Maurer in 2011. With this victory, Beck emerges as a formidable gold medal favorite for the upcoming Olympics.

In the junior category, Fabian secured the title with her second-place finish, accumulating 1500 points compared to Weinstein’s 1350 and Grimes’s 1300. France’s Caroline Jouisse secured the third position in the overall standings, emphasizing the significance of the event for Olympic qualification.

The women’s 10K in Funchal showcased Claire Weinstein’s exceptional talent and strategic prowess, solidifying her presence in international open water racing. As the World Aquatics Swimming World Cup concludes, Weinstein’s stellar performance and Beck’s historic overall title add excitement to the sport’s landscape.


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  2. “Leonie Beck’s Historic Win: First German Woman to Claim Overall Title Since 2011” Leonie Beck makes history by clinching the overall title, becoming the first German woman since 2011 to achieve this feat and emerging as a leading contender for the upcoming Olympics.
  3. “Fierce Battles for Podium Spots: Intense Competition in the Women’s 10K Finale” The women’s 10K witnesses intense battles for podium positions, with Oceane Cassignol securing third place and the overall event highlighting the significance of Olympic qualification.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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