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Kanu’s Take: Arsenal’s Invincible Triumph


Kanu’s, one of the iconic forwards of the Arsène Wenger era, shared insights into his final season with Arsenal during the historic 2003/04 Invincible campaign. In this exclusive interview, the Nigerian forward discussed his role, experiences, and the exceptional team spirit that defined that memorable season.

Uncertain Future:
As Kanu approached the 2003/04 season, he didn’t view it as his farewell despite having only a year left on his contract. The focus was on achieving success with the team rather than contemplating the end of his Arsenal journey.

Wenger’s Vision:
Arsene Wenger, the manager, emphasized the team’s potential to win trophies during discussions with the players. Kanu highlighted Wenger’s belief in the squad’s ability to clinch titles, stressing the importance of every squad member and unity.

Leadership Role:
Acknowledging his experience, Kanu considered himself and other senior players as leaders. The older players played a crucial role in passing on the club’s winning mentality to newcomers, fostering a sense of identity within the squad.

Cup Contributions:
While Kanu’s appearances were more prominent in cup competitions and European matches during the early part of the season, he vividly recalled the focus on winning. One memorable night included a penalty shootout against Rotherham United, where a young Cesc Fabregas made his debut.

The Invincible Spirit:
Reflecting on the squad’s composition, Kanu emphasized that the 2003/04 team possessed exceptional football skills combined with a fierce fighting spirit. The mental strength, treating every game as a final, and pushing each other in both matches and training defined the squad’s success.

Comparisons with Previous Squads:
Kanu, having been part of successful Arsenal teams before, noted that the 2003/04 squad stood out due to its strong winning habits. The team’s qualities were well-rounded, contributing to their success in every aspect of the game.

Personal Highlights:
For Kanu, the joy of winning overshadowed personal achievements. Whether on or off the pitch, he cherished the team’s victories and the collective strength they displayed. The depth of the squad meant that even players not in the starting XI were ready to contribute when called upon.

Dealing with Limited Playing Time:
Accustomed to playing numerous games in previous seasons, Kanu gracefully accepted the coach’s decisions when not selected. Respecting the coach’s choices and waiting for the opportunity to contribute was a fundamental aspect of his approach.

Africa Cup of Nations Impact:
Kanu acknowledged the difficulty of regaining a spot in the starting lineup after returning from the Africa Cup of Nations, especially considering Arsenal’s success in his absence. While challenging, he emphasized the team’s outstanding performance during that period.

Witnessing Invincible Celebrations:
Despite not being in the squad for the final game against Leicester, Kanu attended the match and vividly remembered the celebrations. The unity among fans, players, staff, and families showcased the collective joy of achieving an unbeaten season.

Proud to be an Arsenal Invincible:
Kanu expressed immense pride in being part of the historic Invincibles team. The achievement of going unbeaten in the Premier League was a collective success that continues to resonate. He emphasized the enduring camaraderie with former teammates and the joy Arsenal supporters should feel for achieving their shared goal.

In conclusion, Kanu’s reflections provide a captivating glimpse into the mindset and camaraderie that fueled Arsenal’s Invincible season, leaving an indelible mark on football history.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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