McTominay Double Downs Chelsea in United’s Triumph Erik ten Hag orchestrated a masterclass as Manchester United secured a crucial 2-1 victory against Chelsea at Old Trafford in the Premier League. The contest was intense, with both teams displaying a relentless attacking approach. Scott McTominay’s double, with goals in each half, outshone Chelsea’s lone goal scored by Cole Palmer just before halftime.

In the post-match press conference, Erik ten Hag expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance, addressing various aspects of the game.

When questioned about the missed opportunities to secure an earlier win, ten Hag acknowledged the team’s dynamism and proactive approach. He highlighted the numerous chances created in the initial 30 minutes, emphasizing the potential to make their lives easier by converting more opportunities.

Reflecting on the team’s recent performances, especially after a challenging game against Newcastle, ten Hag stated that the team is progressing well. He acknowledged the positive direction and emphasized the importance of sticking together, maintaining the right attitude, and collecting points even in subpar performances.

Responding to the team’s position in the league, now three points behind Manchester City, ten Hag dismissed the notion of a crisis. He emphasized the team’s focus on the ongoing journey, the process of improvement, and their capability to be successful.

Addressing the challenge of consistency, ten Hag emphasized the importance of teamwork, communication, and maintaining a strong organization both in possession and out of possession. He praised the team’s brilliant players who can make a difference and expressed satisfaction with the number of chances created.

In response to a question about Antony’s improved performance, ten Hag agreed that the young player is progressing along with the team. He highlighted Antony’s positive attitude, decision-making, and bright positioning on the field, indicating that the player is stepping up and contributing effectively.

Regarding the team’s training approach, especially during a congested schedule, ten Hag clarified that light sessions are not a new strategy. When facing a packed fixture list, the team focuses on light training to keep players fresh. He stressed the importance of players taking responsibility for recovery, sleep, and nutrition.

When discussing Scott McTominay’s advanced role and goal-scoring capabilities, ten Hag confirmed that the tactical plan involves bringing McTominay higher up the pitch. He praised McTominay’s skills, timing of arrivals, and finishing ability, stating that the team’s tactics aim to utilize these attributes effectively.

Ten Hag concluded by highlighting the significance of every win in boosting belief within the team. He expressed his pleasure with the team’s performance against Chelsea, noting that such victories strengthen the team’s resolve and contribute to their ongoing success.

In summary, Erik ten Hag’s tactical brilliance was on full display as Manchester United secured a vital win against Chelsea, showcasing the team’s progress, consistency, and belief in their journey.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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