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Cup Football Records: Stats and Milestones Unveiled

Cup Football

Over the past weekend, football enthusiasts witnessed a flurry of cup football action across various leagues, including the FA Cup, Copa del Rey, and the Coupe de France. While some of the usual suspects progressed comfortably, a few standout statistics have grabbed the headlines. Let’s delve into the key numbers and noteworthy performances from the recent footballing fixtures.

FA Cup Highlights:

1. Arsenal’s Struggles:

  • Arsenal faced an early exit from the FA Cup, losing to Liverpool in the third round.
  • The defeat marked Arsenal’s worst run under manager Mikel Arteta, with just one win in seven games.
  • It also marked the first time in 75 years that Arsenal started an FA Cup campaign with a home defeat.

2. Diogo Jota’s Dominance:

  • Diogo Jota continues to haunt Arsenal, boasting 10 goal involvements (8 goals, 2 assists) against them, the most against any opponent in his career.

3. Chelsea’s Free-Kick Specialist:

  • Raheem Sterling became the first Chelsea player since 2018-19 to score multiple direct free kicks in a single season.

4. Tottenham’s Consistency:

  • Under manager Ange Postecoglou, Tottenham extended their scoring streak to 22 games, a record only surpassed by Carlo Ancelotti’s start with Chelsea (28 games).

5. FA Cup Goal Maestro:

  • Wrexham’s Sam Dalby stands out as the player involved in the most FA Cup goals since last season, with four goals and six assists.

6. Dominance of Guardiola’s Manchester City:

  • Since Pep Guardiola took charge, Manchester City has achieved the highest number of wins by 5+ goal margins in all competitions (42), leaving other clubs behind.

7. De Bruyne’s Assists:

  • Kevin de Bruyne continues to shine with assists, leading the charts with 30 since the start of last season across Europe’s top five leagues.

Copa del Rey Highlights:

8. Versatile Scorer at Barcelona:

  • Fermin Lopez became the first player in Barcelona’s squad to score in three different competitions this season.

9. Real Madrid’s Penalty Woes:

  • Joselu’s converted penalty for Real Madrid was the first successful attempt of the season in four tries across all competitions.

Serie A Highlights:

10. Juventus’ U-21 Scorers:

  • Juventus boasts three U-21 goalscorers this season in Serie A, showcasing their commitment to developing young talent.

11. Torino’s Impressive Points Tally:

  • Torino’s 27 points in 19 games mark their best performance in the three-point era, excluding the exceptional 2016/17 season.

12. Giroud’s Consistency:

  • Olivier Giroud continues his remarkable streak, scoring at least 10 goals in each of the last 14 seasons—a feat unmatched in Europe’s top five leagues.

Coupe de France Highlights:

13. Mbappe’s Record:

  • Kylian Mbappe secured his place in PSG’s history by becoming the leading scorer in the Coupe de France with 29 goals.

14. Lille’s Historic Win:

  • Lille’s 12-0 victory over Golden Lions in the Coupe de France Round of 64 was the largest by any club in the last 70 years.

These statistics paint a vivid picture of the recent footballing landscape, with notable achievements, historic wins, and individual brilliance leaving a lasting impact across different cup competitions. As the football season unfolds, fans can anticipate more thrilling moments and standout performances on the pitch.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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