Jonas Eidevall’s: Post-Match Insights

Jonas Eidevall's

Here’s a summary of Jonas Eidevall’s post-match press conference following Arsenal’s 2-1 victory against Aston Villa Women:

Energizing the Crowd and Improved Decision Making:
Eidevall praised his team’s decision-making during the match, highlighting their ability to choose when to cross, pass, or make an extra pass. He credited the improved team shape and higher pressing that suffocated the opponents. The crowd’s energy played a significant role, and Eidevall stressed the mutual influence between the players and the fans.

Impact of Substitutes:
Eidevall emphasized the importance of substitutes in the second half. He acknowledged that having more attacking options on the bench allowed them to become more aggressive and offensively structured. The mentality of going for the win was crucial in the match.

Quality of Katie McCabe’s Goals:
Eidevall discussed the goals scored by Katie McCabe, highlighting the team’s improved pressing and the impact of coaching from Sebastian Barton and Kelly Smith. He commended McCabe’s left-footed finish and her ability to absorb information from experienced football minds.

Beth Mead’s Return:
Eidevall expressed his happiness regarding Beth Mead’s return to the pitch. He praised her hard work and resilience, especially considering the challenges she faced, including injuries and the loss of her mother. Mead’s performance and reception from the crowd marked a special moment for the team.

Mentality of the Team:
Eidevall emphasized the importance of good decision-making in football and how it can affect the outcome of matches. He pointed out that football isn’t about kicking the ball long but rather making the right decisions, even in challenging situations. He lauded the mental strength of players who make crucial decisions when the team is chasing a goal. He used Beth Mead’s assist as an example of how players can make the right decision under pressure.

Beth Mead’s Assist:
Eidevall highlighted the significance of Beth Mead’s assist in her first game back. He compared it to previous matches where blocked shots were a common occurrence. Mead’s ability to understand when a shot is likely to be blocked and set up a teammate is a crucial aspect of her game.

Potential Relationship Between Beth and Alessia:
Eidevall expressed hope for a strong relationship between Beth Mead and Alessia Russo, emphasizing that they have previously performed well together in the national team. He believes their partnership can flourish.

Managing Beth’s Recovery and England Contention:
Eidevall explained that the management of Beth’s recovery and her future inclusion in the England team is primarily Sarina Wiegman’s responsibility. He stressed the importance of taking cautious yet not overly optimistic steps in her return to play, making sure the process is managed effectively.

In summary, Jonas Eidevall discussed the team’s improved decision-making, the impact of substitutes, the quality of goals scored, Beth Mead’s return, the team’s mentality, and the potential partnership between Mead and Russo. He emphasized the need for careful management of Beth’s recovery.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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