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A22 Accuses UEFA: Anticompetitive Clash


A22 Sports Management, a key player in the formation of the European Super League (ESL), has taken a bold step by making public a letter sent to UEFA, urging an immediate halt to what they claim is anticompetitive behavior. The move to publish the letter on social media platform X follows allegations by A22 that UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin mischaracterized their initial communication, prompting them to demand compliance with EU rules and court rulings.

The letter, dispatched on Tuesday, accuses UEFA of engaging in anticompetitive practices since April 2021. A22 alleges that UEFA, in its actions, has not only denigrated their reputation but also attempted to dissuade European clubs from participating in projects associated with A22. This revelation comes in the aftermath of a December ruling by the European Court of Justice, which found that both UEFA and FIFA had violated EU law by obstructing the creation of a Super League. A22 contends that despite the ruling, UEFA has persisted in its anticompetitive conduct.

During his speech at the Spobis sports business congress in Hamburg, Ceferin made public remarks regarding the letter, which A22 claims mischaracterized their demands. In response, A22 decided to share the full content of the letter on social media, aiming to set the record straight.

The heart of A22’s accusation lies in their claim that UEFA has continued to obstruct their activities, damaging their business initiatives and impeding potential collaborations with European clubs. The letter emphatically demands that UEFA and its executives immediately cease and desist from any form of anticompetitive action against A22, its partners, and directors.

Furthermore, A22 instructs third parties affiliated with UEFA to align with their demand for an end to anticompetitive practices. The specific instances mentioned in the letter highlight a timeline of alleged misconduct by UEFA, creating an environment that A22 perceives as detrimental to their objectives.

The backdrop of this conflict is the European Court of Justice’s ruling in December, which found that attempts by UEFA and FIFA to prevent the establishment of a Super League violated EU law. Despite this ruling, A22 contends that UEFA has not altered its behavior and continues to hinder their operations.

The publication of the letter on social media is a strategic move by A22 to bring transparency to their grievances and seek support from the public and stakeholders. The accusations against UEFA echo broader concerns about the governance and practices within football’s regulatory bodies.

As this dispute unfolds, it remains to be seen how UEFA will respond to the specific allegations raised by A22 and whether this public airing of grievances will impact the ongoing dynamics between the ESL proponents and European football’s governing bodies. The clash between A22 and UEFA adds another layer of complexity to the ever-evolving landscape of football governance and the push for reforms within the sport.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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