Aspetar unveils a Covid-19 vaccine program for athletes

A voluntary coronavirus vaccine program involving athletes in Qatar has been initiated by Aspetar Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Hospital. On February 22, the first 50 shots were given. Aspetar Executives partnered with the Healthcare Authority to make Aspetar a dedicated Vaccination Centre, and the scheme was authorized.

The Aspetar Covid-19 response team, who previously designed and introduced the Covid-19 testing program for QSL, will be in charge once more, and athletes will be approached and arranged by their club’s medical personnel.

Dr. Khalid Hassoun is in command of the club and QSL liaison; Mr. Ibrahim Al Hussein takes care of operations along with the Infection Prevention and Control team; Chris Mengelt coordinates with Aspire Zone, MOPH, and other stakeholder groups; and Dr. Yorck Olaf Schumacher is the medical lead and coordinator for the Aspetar vaccination program.

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