Update on ‘Osama’ allegation against Moeen Ali

England cricket team all-rounder Moeen Ali has decided to let go of the ‘Osama’ claims which were reportedly made at him by an Australian Cricketer a few years ago.

Speaking to Australia's Daily Telegraph, Moeen felt that it’s time to move on since the incident happened three years ago

'I'm not going to make too much of it, it was bloody three years ago, let's move on. [Cricket Australia] can do what they like I suppose, everyone has sort of forgotten about it and moved on since then. I don't see it as any real big deal. It was a hard-fought series.

'But no, I thought [relations after that point] were OK. You're not party to what goes on out on the field and certainly, nothing else was reported or anything through that series so we just left it at that,” he said.

In case you didn’t know, Moeen Ali, in his upcoming autobiography, recalled the incident which took place in the 2015 Ashes. He said that an Australian player had come up to him and called him ‘Osama’. He went on to say that that was the most infuriated he had felt on a cricket field.

Cricket Australia had begun a probe into the matter, however, they could not find any additional evidence. In addition, Moeen also felt that it was time to close the case. Hence, they released a statement saying that they would not be taking the case forward.

'Moeen elected not to progress the matter any further at the time and we have not been able to ascertain any new additional evidence through our enquiries. As such, the matter is considered closed. We take a zero-tolerance approach to remarks of this nature, they have no place in our sport, or in society, and any allegations raised with us are treated seriously and respectfully,' CA said in a statement.

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