WWE Hell In A Cell 2019: 5 matches likely to be added to the Match Card

WWE Hell In A Cell 2019: 5 matches likely to be added to the match card

With less than three weeks left for Hell in a Cell which is the WWE pay-per-view, the fans can hardly wait for the Clash of Championship show. The clash of Championship is going to be one of the best and the biggest story-line in the history of WWE.

As Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch continue to carry on their historic rivalry in Hell in a Cell which is one of the most famous RAW women Championship, Seth Rollin will be fighting against the Fiend to defend his Universal Championship. But, apart from these two matches, there are going to be two more matches held.

To acquire the maximum output from each match, it is essential for WWE to limit each game to eight-nine minutes along with ideally planning out their card. Eleven games were held during the Clash of Championship which included the famous Kickoff Show which was an essential part of the pay-per-view theme, ‘every title will be defended.’

The recently held WWE event, Smackdown has given us a clear idea regarding the Hell in a Cell. But, there is hardly anything known about the other two matches that RAW is going to hold.

Even though the list is too long to complete in a single article, but, to help you better, we have listed out the five best matches that one should look out for the upcoming WWE event.

  1. Roman Reign vs. Bludgeon Brothers: After making a shocking return at the Clash of Championship, Luke Harper helped Eric Rowan to beat Roman reigns. This was his first appearance after almost a year. The destructive duo has their eyes set for the Big Dog. Daniel Bryan, who is Roman Reign’s former Tag team partner, has also entered the Championship.
  2. Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens: With KO cutting a promo on his boss, the angle between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owen started off red hot. Shane O’Mac defeating Owen has become a common affair now. But, McMahon has managed to make Owen’s Life a living hell. Recently, the former champion was heavily fined after he raised his hands on an official of WWE and eas later terminated from the King of the Ring in which McMahon lost.
  3. Cedric Alexander vs. AJ Styles: Cedric Alexander suffered two oppressive nights back to back against AJ Styles in the recent RAW event which was held at Madison Square Gardens. Alexander lost against AJ Styles in an underwhelming fashion at the kickoff show which was held at the clash of the Championship. Alexander was once more defeated by AJ Styles in a six-man tag team championship. Adding injury to insult, the former live star of 205 was assaulted by Gallows, Styles, and Anderson in back to back matches. So, the Hell in a Cell is the perfect opportunity for the former 205 live stars to win back his respect and defend his title.
  4. Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair: The WWE rejoiced when Bayley came back in her old form in the recently organized event. Despite being the retaining champion of the Smackdown’s women championship, crowed were bored with her stale performance. Her cheap victory over Charollete Flair in the recent Clash of Championship has left the fans in disgust. So, the duo will have a face-off in the recent event, and everybody is hoping for a good fight between the two for defending the championship title.
  5. Ali vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: Following the Intercontinental Championship, Extreme Rules Kickoff Show victory over Finn Balow, it seemed like Ali has set his feud against Shinsuke Nakamura. The match was premiered at the Smackville live event. However, Ali achieved-victory over Nakamura in a close margin.
    So, Ali vs.Nakamura is yet another event to look forward to in the WWE championship event.

The Hell in a Cell could be one of the biggest matches that are going to be organized between the two.

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