Top 5 female WWE Superstars of the Year 2019

5 Best female WWE Superstars of the Year (2019)

Top 5 female WWE Superstars of the Year (2019)

The year 2019 can truly be defined as the year for women in WWE. The year has witnessed the women’s revolution reaching newer heights with the achievement of multiple noteworthy feats. After all, it’s the main event or major pay-per-views that count for astounding matches on a regular basis. Women here have just been unstoppable last year in each aspect.

The year’s first half witnessed Women’s Tag Team Titles getting introduced with Bayley and Sasha Banks being crowned the ultimate inaugural champions. Much to the knowledge of fans, the year’s biggest feat had been at WrestleMania 35 when three of the women debuted for the very first time in the show. Natalya and Lacey Evans featured in the first women’s match. They faced each other at Crown Jewel. Also, women took part in the Survivor Series as well as TLC in 2019! A few women Superstars also stood out in 2019. So, who are they? To know more, keep reading on.

  • Lacey Evans

She had made the in-ring debut in this year at the Royal Rumble. Evans made an emphatic statement that lasted for 29 minutes in this match and eliminated both the members of IIconics. She even had a few great feuds which in a way helped her by establishing her name in divisions. While Evans did not achieve any title in the first year, she was booked as one of the top stars in the women’s division.

Upon a few sporadic appearances, Southern Belle started the first ever feud with Lynch. Her great and sublime-mic skills made Evans go toe-to-toe with her. However, later on, she came out victorious! There’s a possibility that she could win her very first title next year, so here’s keeping our fingers crossed!

  • Asuka

Having started her year as Women’s Champion of SmackDown, she is soon to end the year as Tag Team Champion of Women. The Empress of Tomorrow had a very decent year if not just the most outstanding one. She knows her standards on NXT and sadly she fell short in the last year. Asuka got the most women’s coveted title of Blue Brand around her waist with the beginning of this year. She then remained the champion upon beating Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble. Sadly, she then dropped it off to Charlotte Flair right before WrestleMania 35.

  • Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is definitely a pioneer of women’s rights, upon making a significant roster debut a couple of years ago. She won the Smack Down Championship of Women three times in a row and that too this year! Charlotte has also had an outstanding year, despite having her title reign for a very short while. Apart from that, she also grabbed the gold and achieved other momentous feats in 2019.

Charlotte happened to be among the last 2 women Royal Rumble competitors which Lynch went on to win. She won Women’s Championship (Smack Down) and then came in on the Grandest Stage! Charlotte then won the Smack Down championship from Lynch at the Money in the Bank event and yet she was seen dropping it to Bayley, yet again. With the Rumble around the corner, Charlotte is going to be the fan-favorite to win it for the first time in her entire career.

  • Bayley

As already known, Bayley happens to be the current Women’s Champion of Smack Down. She’s the one who indeed deserves the place in the list, in accordance with how she evolved in 2019 and then reached the top position in the women’s division. Without any doubt, she has had the best year of her career so far, since moving on to the main roster. Alongside Banks, she has become one of the two ultimate inaugural Team Champions earlier in the year 2019. Upon losing twin belts at WrestleMania 35, she did not wait too long for grabbing gold. She won the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder in 2019 and then cashed in on her contract on the same night, becoming Women’s Champion (Smack Down) for the first time in her career.

  • Becky Lynch

Lynch’s name is not surprising because she deserves to be on the top of this list. Lynch is definitely the top Superstar in the female category for 2019 and it would never be an exaggeration to address her as the Year’s Superstar, regardless of genders.

Thus, this compiles everything about the top 5 female WWE Superstars of the year 2019.

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