WWE SmackDown Results, Highlights, Videos, Winners, 6 August 2019 and Recap

WWE SmackDown Results 2019

WWE SmackDown Live 6 August 2019 was an exciting affair in the build-up to SummerSlam 2019 slated for this Sunday. WWE Smackdown Live kicks off Charlotte Flair and after that we see amazing matches and build-ups for the upcoming main of the month SummerSlam.

Here are the key highlights of WWE SmackDown 2019 Results – 06 August 2019:

  1. Charlotte Flair’s feud with Trish Stratus

Charlotte Flair’s entry kick-started SmackDown 2019 6th August. Flair talked of her greatness and how people do not possess the genes to achieve the same. She then started taking pot-shots at Trish Stratus, her opponent at SummerSlam 2019, saying that even the 7-time women’s champion knew that she was nowhere near Flair in terms of greatness. Stratus entered and joined the feud, reminding Flair about why she was on stage and how she gets these chances. Stratus also quoted There is no greater feeling in the world than to be under these bright lights. Eventually, she slapped Flair who left the ring.

You can check the video here-

  1. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Mustafa Ali

Before this match started, Ziggler mocked Goldberg’s entry into the ring while blindsiding Rey Mysterio even before their match commenced, tearing into him and starting to rip off his mask before landing a super kick. In spite of the referee’s call for support, Ziggler landed another super kick on Mysterio, taking him out completely. Mustafa Ali ran down for the save and took on Ziggler. An intense match came to an end with Ziggler landing a super kick on him and getting the pinfall.

Result: Dolph Ziggler beat Mustafa Ali

  1. Interview of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was interviewed on the show and talked about how he was always being targeted and attacked and said that he didn’t know who this attacker was and how these attacks had put him and his family in danger. He also said that he knew that it wasn’t Samoa Joe and apologized to him for previously maligning his name. He says that he has seen footage and has questions and will be getting answers on this night itself.

Later on during the show, Reigns has a private meeting with Buddy Murphy who was there at the time of the mishap. Murphy first refuses to reveal the identity of the attacker but ultimately gets thrown into a trash can by Reigns, finally revealing that Erick Rowan was the culprit. He didn’t see Daniel Bryan.

Watch this video for more-

  1. Natalya vs. Ember Moon

Natalya started off by locking Moon’s wrist who countered it with an arm drag. Both trade punches before Ember Moon ventures outside. A final Sharpshooter comes up and counting starts before the match goes into a double count. Bayley makes the save while Jessika attempts to pull off Natalya. The match does not have any result.

Result: No Result

  1. Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon’s feud

Kevin Owens got into the ring for his Kevin Owens Show and asks Shane McMahon to come out and get the job done. Shane finally comes out and Owens says that his career is never on the line before their match at SummerSlam 2019 since his last name is McMahon. Shane says NO and talks about how Owens’ ego landed him in problems and talks of how several scenarios where Owens will be pinfalled or forced into a submission or count-out at their match. This intense trading of insults and counters continued for some time before Elias sneakily attacked Owens although he got hit by a stunner. Shane pulled down Owens with punches and tipped a table over KO, putting a chair on his face and landing a dropkick on the same. He also slapped KO quite a few times before venturing off.

  1. Aleister Black vs. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn first called Black a coward for not responding to the challenge posed by him. Black eventually won this match through a pinfall after landing the Black Mass and bouts of intense competition where Zayn was often in control of proceedings.

Result: Aleister Black beat Sami Zayn

  1. Firefly Fun House

Firefly Fun House had an engaging episode where Huskus (the Pig Boy) was lying in candy and filth of his own. Bray Wyatt compared this addiction to candy to Finn Balor. He talked of how it was Balor’s turn to be hurting now.

  1. The New Day vs. Erick Rowan & Daniel Bryan

Xavier Woods and Daniel Bryan started off proceedings with a tough fight. Bryan then got an edge over Big E before tagging to Rowan who then got into the contest with Woods. After an intense bout in which a last-gasp save was made, New Day eventually won via disqualification once Rowan hit Woods with the Steps.

Result: The New Day beat Erick Rowan & Daniel Bryan via disqualification

After the match Rowan hit the Iron Claw on Big E and Bryan hit the running knee on Woods before it was over.

These were the key highlights of latest episode of WWE SmackDown which took place on 6th August at Detroit, Michigan. Things are heating up and promise to be even more exciting at SummerSlam 2019 which has some fabulous matches lined up.

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