Reports: Edge to appear at SmackDown 100

After stopped advertising WWE Hall of Famer Edge's appearance at the historic SmackDown's 1000th episode, there were speculations over his return to the company.

Following this, there were reports that there were question marks over Edge's appearance and the reason for this is WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix's father and Edge's father-in-law sadly passed away last week and Edge has been forced to pull out of several appearances he was due to do as a result.

He was due to appear on a special ‘Inside the Ropes‘ tour in the UK but released a video apologising to fans, explaining his appearance would have to be postponed.

However, latest reports emerge that the multiple-time WWE Champion will still make it to the Capital One Arena for the show in spite of the company stopped advertising his return a while back. According to, the Rated R Superstar is still scheduled to appear on Tuesday, although his role is now unknown.

Earlier, WWE announced that Edge will be appearing on the historic show and will host his talk show, The Cutting Edge. But, there were numerous reports that his appearance could be in jeopardy as is no longer advertising the talk show segment as taking place.

The announcement now redirects to the 'Shows' page. Adding to this, Edge's name went missing from the list of Superstars who were earlier advertised for SmackDown 1000 by or the official website of the venue that will be hosting the show. Even in the preview for the show posted on, there was no mention of Edge which led to a lot of speculations over his appearance.

Irrespective of Edge's appearance, the WWE fans will be witnessing a handful of legendary Superstars including the Evolution (Batista, Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton), the Brothers of Destruction (Kane and The Undertaker), Rey Mysterio, Michelle McCool etc.


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